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First Landing, or The Port City, is the largest of the human cities in Izril.


It is around 4000 miles north from Celum.[1]


The harbor of First Landing is flanked by gigantic gates 50 feet tall over the waves made of a mithril alloy tinged green from thousands of years. It bears the crest of the Five Families, with House Wellfar's in the center. The docks are large enough to hold fleets of ships, and has five berths for Citadel-class ships. The docks are made of stone with bright walkways and are kept clean by golems from House Terland. Golems also help operate the docks along with wheeled mage lifts and a primitive rail system, making it semi-automated.[2]

The outer walls of First Landing still have large breaches from Velan's attack during the Second Antinium War. One part is patched by a barrier of light, and another section is covered by vines and flowers from the Crown of Flowers.[2]

The interior has newer buildings of wood and stone from expanding, and an old inner city with sturdy walls. There and near the docks are where most of the most impressive buildings and towers are. Along the docks is an edifice where The Bell of First Landing is located, only rung in times of war or upon the death of a leader of one of the Five Families.[2] The city's pavement is enchanted, making it sturdy.[3] The city has a racing course for horses.[2]


  • Assassin's Guild (Destroyed)
  • Colousa’s Relics - Enchanter
  • House of Altreidva - Art Gallery
  • Reinhart Estate
  • Tower Tuell - Reinhart magic tower


There is a law that limits the amount of statues of the Five Families there can be, dictating that no Family can have more statues than the others. Each family currently has three statues.[2]


First Landing was founded over seven thousand years ago.


  • According to Peslas, The Highest Leveled Innkeeper on the continent, who is nearing Level 50, is living here.[4] Izril's best [Enchanter] also lives there.[2]
  • There was once a team of adventurers, who were the first to have entered a dungeon near First Landing and came out as Named Adventurers.[5]
  • Domesticated Griffins are available to ride in the city.[2]