Fissival, also known as the City of Magic, is one of the six Walled Cities of Izril.

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Coats of Arms Fissival

Coat of Arms for Fissival in tower shield format, by Enyavar

Fissival prides itself in having the best magical academy of all Drakes, and is considered the most powerful among the Walled Cities with regards to anything magical. This focus shouldn't detract from the fact that as a Walled City, it offers its residents more than just magic. The non-magical libraries are possibly the most complete of all Drake cities, making Fissival also a center of non-magical academics. They also offer education for [Scholars] there.[1]

In military-minded Manus, Fissival is regarded as the weakest city of all, however... which doesn't stop Manus from still buying finest Fissival magics.[2]

Geography Edit

Fissival is in the western part of Southern Izril. There are cities with a somewhat powerful military nearby, like Grailhess and Veish.[1]

Mage Academy Edit

Fissival is home to the Draconae Scholarium of Fissival, the foremost magical academy among Drakes.[3] Drakes pride themselves that they don't have to rely on Wistram, which is traditionally still considered to provide a superior education to even Fissival, even factoring in the recent decline of Wistram under the Golem tutelage of Cognita. Other than Wistram, Fissival has never lost access to its vast spell libraries. Meanwhile, the "good old times" when Drakes would naturally prefer Fissival over Wistram, are probably wish-thinking of the uneducated.[4]

While there might be a bitter rivalry to be "the best" within the magical community, Fissival and Wistram are on good speaking terms, exchange mages and consult each other.[5]

Military Edit

Fissival is the only Walled City (and probably the only known state in the World) to have incorporated [Wyvern Riders] into its military.

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Trivia Edit

  • Manus and Fissival were the last Walled Cities to get their first mention in the Wandering Inn storyline, only revealed by name in Chapter 5.08.
  • Grimalkin graduated from Fissival[7]
  • While it has never been explicitly stated, the magical [Message] sending protocols that are set up to allow strategic consultations between the Walled Cities, are probably maintained by Fissival. These protocols are, by the way, secret and the exchanged messages are hard to obtain for even the highest-level outsiders.[8]

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