The Flooded Waters Tribe is a Goblin tribe. It is led by Rags.

Background Edit

The Flooded Waters Tribe used to be the weakest tribe in the Floodplains, however since their technological developments, they absorbed any tribe that they could get their hands on. Meanwhile, the Redfang Tribe summoned many tribes to the High Passes in order to unite against the Flooded Waters tribe.

Absorbed Tribes Edit

While the Flooded Waters Tribe were initially few in number, under their new leader, Rags, they started overrunning the other Goblin Tribes by slaying or defeating their Chieftains and absorbing their Goblins into the tribe.[1] Overtime other Tribes start joining and letting themselves be absorbed all on their own.

Some of the known absorbed tribes are, the Jawbreaker Tribe, Sword Taker Tribe, Bloody Hand Tribe, Gold Stone Tribe,[2] Still Grass Tribe, Fire Bite Tribe,[3] Furgather Tribe,[4] Rockfall Tribe[5] and Frostfeeder Tribe.[6]

There are two more Tribes that were only initially partially absorbed. These two tribes were the Redfang Tribe and the Mountain City Tribe.

Redfang Tribe Edit

While it was true that Garen, the Chieftain of the Redfang Tribe, intentionally lost to Rags, by Goblin traditions the Redfang Tribe should have been absorbed, but due to Garen usurping Rags’ authority, the absorption did not happen. This lead to the Redfang Tribe splitting in two with those who saw Rags as their true new Chieftain and those who did not understand what was going on and were confused by the whole order but were still loyal to Garen.

When Rags had finally enough of Garen's insubordination, she abandoned him, and took the Redfang's that acknowledge her with her, thus absorbing them into her own tribe.

The other Redfang's that stayed with Garen will ultimately see the error of their way when they are reunited with Garen's old adventurer team and 5 of their lost brothers. There, after they heard the true events of how the betrayal with the Halfseekers went, and listening on how they had betrayed Rags by not siding with her from their 5 lost brothers, and then watched them fight Garen because he was not their true Chieftain, almost all of Garen's Redfang understood that Garen was indeed wrong and that Rags was indeed their true Chieftain, they left Garen and sided with their 5 lost brothers and thus with Rags.[7]

Mountain City Tribe Edit

Military Strength Edit

Before it absorbed the Redfang Tribe, it had twelve Hobs, which easily can be considered the equivalent of two Silver-rank team of adventurers.

Members Edit

Known Members Edit

Name Tribe Origin Additional Information
Rags Flooded Waters Tribe Chieftain
Redscar Redfang Tribe Officer
Poisonbite Mountain City Tribe Officer
Female Rockfall Chieftain[8] Rockfall Tribe Officer
Badarrow Redfang Tribe
Rabbiteater Redfang Tribe
Numbtongue Redfang Tribe Currently Separated from main Tribe
Furgatherer[9] Redfang Tribe
Starstarer[10] Redfang Tribe
Ulvama Mountain City Tribe Currently Separated from main Tribe
Hammersteel[11] Mountain City Tribe
Snapjaw Reiss’ Goblin Tribe

Former Members Edit

Name Tribe Origin Additional Information
Goblin Chieftain Flooded Waters Tribe
  • Was the Chieftain before Rags.
  • Killed by Erin.
Garen Redfang Redfang Tribe
  • Only pretended to be part of Tribe.
  • Rags abandoned him for not acknowledge her as his Chieftain.
  • At the end he joins for real.
  • Mortally wounded by Az’kerash, and finished off by Relc.
Pyrite Gold Stone Tribe
  • Second-in-Command.
  • Killed by Tyrion.
Greybeard Mountain City Tribe

(Originally part of Velan's Tribe)

  • Only pretended to be part of Tribe.
  • Left when his True Identity was Revealed.
Quietstab Mountain City Tribe
Noears Mountain City Tribe Deceased
Headscratcher Redfang Tribe Killed by Az’kerash
Shorthilt Redfang Tribe Deceased
Spiderslicer Redfang Tribe Killed by Az’kerash
Grunter Redfang Tribe MIA


Bugear Redfang Tribe MIA


Rocksoup Redfang Tribe MIA


Leftstep Redfang Tribe MIA


Bitefly Redfang Tribe MIA


Orangepoo Redfang Tribe MIA


Patchhelm Redfang Tribe MIA


Justrust Redfang Tribe MIA


Fleetfur Redfang Tribe Deceased
Beetlestare Redfang Tribe Deceased
Twofeather[13] Gold Stone Tribe Deceased[14]

Trivia Edit

  • Before the Flooded Waters Tribe raised in power, Relc was well-known in the tribe. He had killed more of their kind by himself than the rest of the other guardsmen combined. He was faster than any Goblin—faster than arrows—had skin tougher than metal, and he could kill even a Hob with his bare hands.[15]

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