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Flora is an Earther from Texas, who was transported to the Demon Kingdom.


She has short, garnet hair with a hint of copper.[1]


Flora has a compassioniate nature, empathizing with the Giants and Demons who were hunted down and hated respectively. She is also modest, not taking credit for saving Silvenia's life, claiming that it was luck instead. Flora is conscious of the possible dangers of introducing Earth's weapons to Innworld.[2] However, she was willing to use her gun for self-defense and kill to save the life of her friend, Bazeth.[1]


Flora was teleported from Earth to the Demon Kingdom. She met Silvenia and was somehow able to partially heal her through an unknown method. In her time with the Demons, she was taught lessons by Silvenia. While not directly participating in the war, Flora went to its outskirts, sometimes being wounded.


Volume 7[]

Flora shows her gun to the Demon Giants and explains Earth's weapons to them. She is astounded when the Giants praises Earth for creating weapons that can kill them and asks them if they think they and her are on the right side of the war.[2] Later, Flora accompanies Bazeth to 5th Wall where they witness Silvenia destroying the Blighted Kingdom's allied forces. When Bazeth is about to be killed by Ser Vorn, she intervenes, shooting and killing Vorn.

Volume 8[]

Flora is present when the Antinium delegation arrives to the Demon King's court.[3]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Gunslinger] Lv. ?


  • [A Bullet A Day: Armor Piercing Round]
  • [Double Tap]


  • .357 Magnum Revolver


  • She dislikes being called "Flora of Texas" and doesn't think "Flora of Earth" is any better.[1]
  • She once shot an Adult Creler, only to see the bullets ricochet.


  • It is speculated that Flora is actually the woman with the iPod, who appeared during a battle between 15 armed men and a demon wreathed in fire.[4]


  • (To the Giants) “Yes. And we have weapons that can destroy cities. Even you, Callidaz. In a single moment. With a single weapon. Before you could even blink.”
  • (To the Giants) “Aren’t you afraid? Of anything? Don’t you feel sad? Your children die. Your people die! Aren’t you angry? Don’t you fear dying?”
  • (To Callidaz) “I…didn’t do much. It was luck, me being able to help…it wasn’t much…”