The Florist (Name Unknown) was a young woman that lived in Esthelm, and had the [Florist] Class. After her city was hit by 2 Goblins Tribes, she in despair of starvation, unknowing committed a terrible act that transformed her into a monster.

Appearance Edit

She was bald, which was caused by the destruction of Esthelm and the following burning. Her features looked very gaunt, due to lack of sustenance.

After having gained a [Horror Rank] she stopped being a human and became something close to a ghoul, though a "living" one with self-consciousness. She started to walk on all fours, her back was hunched, her nails became unnaturally long, making them resemble claws, and her teeth turned very sharp.

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Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Florist] Lv. 12 (Formerly Lv. 19)

Skills: Edit

  • [Gaping Bite]

Skills Lost: Edit

  • [Aroma of Spring]
  • [Quick Growth]
  • [Winter Growth]

Horror Ranks: Edit

  • [Carrion Eater] Rank 2 (derived from [Corpse Eater])

Conditions: Edit

  • [Wordless Thing]
  • [Outcast Humanity]

Condition Removed: Edit

  • [Terrible Hunger]

Aspects: Edit

  • [Body of the Eater]
  • [Rending Claws]

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