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The Florist (Name Unknown) was a young woman that lived in Esthelm, and had the [Florist] Class. After her city was hit by two Goblins Tribes, she transformed into a monster after eating rotten Human corpses, thus committing a terrible act.


She was bald, which was caused by the destruction of Esthelm and the following burning. Her features looked very gaunt, due to lack of sustenance.

After having gained a [Horror Rank] she stopped being a human and became something close to a ghoul, though a "living" one with self-consciousness. She started to walk on all fours, her back was hunched, her nails became unnaturally long, making them resemble claws, and her teeth turned very sharp.


She had a kind and caring personality, and hesitated for days before turning into a cannibal, and was almost insane from hunger. She remained shy and hesitant even as a monster, not wanting to harm others. Since she knew what she had turned into, she fled other humans after receiving the [Body of the Eater]. This negatively reinforced her deterioriation until she met the Redfang Goblins.



Initially she gained [Horror] Ranks by eating raw and rotten human flesh, and gained power in that Rank while losing Class levels. She maintained enough humanity to not kill people, and only ate the already dead.

After saving a young man from a zombie, then eating the zombie, she was attacked by Toren and subsequently saved by the Redfang warriors. Headscratcher suggested she might have been the [Innkeeper] they were looking for. She joined them for a properly cooked human meal and was reminded of her inner humanity that she shared with the Goblins. She lost a condition and restored some of her [Florist] levels.

Resting in Peace, by Lights Resonance

During the battle against the Goblin Lord's army and the undead, she lead the Redfangs in defending the people of Esthelm. At the end of the battle, she was killed by Toren in anger for her role in stopping his attack, and laid to rest by the surviving Redfangs who leave flowers on her. Ylawes recognized her for her role in the battle, and let the Redfangs leave Esthelm without a fight.

Later, a statue of her as a florist was built in rememberance, though few of the city's residents seemed to recognize why she was given a statue. It was implied that Ylawes may have suggested it. Numbtounge recognized her when visiting the rebuilt city.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Florist] Lv. 12 (Formerly Lv. 19)


  • [Gaping Bite]

Skills Lost:[]

  • [Aroma of Spring]
  • [Quick Growth]
  • [Winter Growth]

Horror Ranks:[]

  • [Carrion Eater] Rank 2 (derived from [Corpse Eater])


  • [Wordless Thing]
  • [Outcast Humanity]

Condition Removed:[]

  • [Terrible Hunger]


  • [Body of the Eater]
  • [Rending Claws]