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Flos Reimarch, also known as Flos, the King of Destruction, is a [King] whose Kingdom, Reim, is located in central Chandrar, beside the Great Desert. His name is known around the world, as he managed to conquer almost half of the civilized world. The current era of history, A.F., is named for him.


Flos is over six feet high[1] and has golden-red hair with slightly faded colors and a beard.[2] He has emerald-green eyes.[3]


Flos is larger than life, dominating any social setting or gathering he walks in upon, whether or not he's meeting his allies or his enemies. He displays an intense curiosity about the world, often to a remarkable level of minutiae.

Flos hungers for stories. Stories of Earth, stories of new and exciting things and places. Such stories, and the proof of them, is what his surviving Seven spent over a decade scouring the world for, in order to awaken their sleeping king. To this end, Gazi Pathseeker even attempted to kidnap Erin Solstice. But it was Trey and Teres' stories of Earth which finally woke the King of Destruction from his slumber of decades. Flos has displayed an intense curiosity about anything having to do with the Earth, and enjoys speculating who would win in a war: himself, or the forces of Earth.

Above all, Flos considers himself a [King]. His will to conquer is absolute, and he considers it his own right - his purpose in life - to conquer any and all lands and peoples within his reach, potentially even including Earth. In a similar way, he recognizes the right of his enemies to beat him back by force of arms.

If they can.


When he was a young [Prince], Flos' father spent little time with him, and (in Flos' recollections) no one expected him to become someone special.[4]

Uniting of Chandrar

Flos ascended to the throne of Reim at an early age, at fourteen or fifteen years old after the passing of his mother. King Treland of the neighboring kingdom of Hellios invaded at this time, hoping to take advantage of Reim's period of weakness and seize its lands for his own, comparatively powerful kingdom.[5]

Flos could not stop the invasion by force of arms. So he instead resorted to trickery, riding around Hellios' armies and, along with Gazi, making his way to the enemy kingdom's capital city, defended at this time only by a token force.[5]

After taking the city's walls, Flos walked into the throne room and challenged King Treland to single combat. Flos Reimarch defeated and killed the higher-level [King] in this duel, thereby beginning the legend of the King of Destruction.[5]

Later, Flos started a war with the Medilean Kingdom when he heard the royal family had been overthrown and a tyrannical [Warlord] had taken over. He also fought the Order of the Black Judgment when they became little more than bandits.[6]

Flos' legendary campaign of conquest lasted for six or seven years, by the end of which he had conquered most of the continent of Chandrar, and forged alliances or neutrality pacts with the very few nations which he did not conquer. After this was accomplished, Flos achieved something unprecedented in modern times, dispatching his armies to begin conquering other parts of the world. His armies landed and took territory on two more continents - Baleros and Izril.[7]

Crumbling of the campaign

It was later said that Flos had overextended his reach by tackling Baleros and Izril at the same time. However, Niers Astoragon later attested that Flos had a rather clever plan to quickly achieve his victory: He planned on rallying several uprising minorities on each continent (by promising power and land to the Gnolls of Izril, and the same to the Half-Gazers and Selphids of Baleros). Also, Flos assumedly didn't intend to have to defend Chandrar from extracontinental attacks, so he needed to occupy his enemies at their home continents. Niers assumed that Flos might have reached out to the Humans as well, especially those of Izril.[7]

So, Flos sent Queravia with his armies to Baleros and Amerys with his armies to Izril. Both campaigns started promising. Queravia landed in the port city of Zaland and conquring it in a day, then defeating an army of the Four Great Companies and Amerys landing on the southern shores of Izril[8] and locking down Zeres all by herself,[9] although this situation resembled more a stalemate.[7]

Several factors brought his downfall however:

  • The fleet of Minos didn't ally with him, but instead attacked one of his invasion fleets, cutting off his beachheads on the other continents from reinforcements.[7] They also killed Tottenval, whose death and body was discovered by the rest of the Seven only after Flos already had given up.[4]
  • Rhir sent an army against Flos, possibly convinced by Wistram that Flos might ally with the Demons. They defeated Takhatres.[7]
  • Queravia was besieged by Niers Astoragon, who personally killed Queravia in order to break her army.[7] As Queravia was Flos' lover, her demise caused Flos to fall into depression (his "slumber"), leading him to go back to Reim where he "slept" for the next 20 years.[4]

The Izrilian armies returned to Chandrar and disbanded after having heard of Flos abandoning them.[10] Many of Flos' subjects were angered and disappointed about this turn of events - which still affected their loyalty when Flos asked for it again.[4]


He "slumbered" in Reim for 20 years, sitting and contemplating on a chair in his throneroom, in front of his enormous golden throne.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Flos' class and skills are specialized in warfare.[11]


  • [King] Lv. ? (60-70)[12] (supposedly a [King of War], according to Hayvon[13])


  • [A Kingdom’s Strength]
    • Obtain at Level 30[14]
  • [Army of the King]
  • [Edict of Bloom]
  • [Edict of Silversky]
  • [Edict of the Blooded]
  • [Greater Blessing of Armor]
  • [Induction: The King’s S— (Full name incomplete)[15]
  • [Rapid March]
  • [Royal Vanguard]
  • [The Choice of the Conquered]
  • [The King’s Architect]


  • Sorcelled Blades
  • Mirage of Chandrar
  • Dreamers of Reim



  • [Ring of Health] (treasure he took out of Armil's vaults.)[16]


  • While he Appeared for the first time in Interlude - 1, his Name was revealed in Interlude: King Edition, and his Surname was revealed in Ch 4.01 K.
  • Flos was 14 or 15 when he began his legendary campaign,[1] which lasted 6 years.[17]
  • Every ten years the greatest mages meet in order to try to predict the future. One of the things they did was predicting, what calamities could befall the world. Flos was ranked the 8th likeliest candidate to destroy civilization. He was also given a 30% chance to conquer the world depending on a number of factors. As a result, the Mages of Wistram were afraid of him even during his slumber.[18]
  • [Rapid March] is the Skill that allowed him to conquer Chandrar, without growing old.[19]
  • Flos truly sees the twins as a gift in his eyes, far more worth than gold. Teres speaks the truth to him, is unafraid to point out his failures and stand up to him in his moments of wrath and folly. While Trey understands how he think at times and sees into his heart.[20]
  • During his legendary campaign, he had killed 23 rulers.[1]
  • He is one of the few individuals in the world to reach Level 40 before turning 30 years old. For pulling off this feat he was called a prodigy and a threat to end the world.[21]
  • Once, after he had heard about Christmas, he had happily instituted the holiday at once and dyed his beard white. He’d also had smashed three chimneys before giving up on playing Santa.[22]


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