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The Forgotten Wing Company is a mercenary group and one of The Four Great Companies of Baleros. It is led by Foliana the Three-Color Stalker.


The Forgotten Wing Company rose into prominence two decades back, crushing countless other companies in the process. While they lack long-term contracts, but they are considered a rising force.[1] However, they are considered more fragile than the other Great Companies, as most of their power is tied up with Niers and Foliana.

Niers Astoragon is second-in-command of the Forgotten Wing Company. His company, not including Niers himself, has at the very least fifteen [Strategists] and [Tacticians] and countless others. Their headquarter is situated in the city of Elvallian.


Their flag banner consist of a stylized flowing wing comprised of three colors; Pink, yellow, and green, the same colors as the eyes of their leader.[2]

Military Strength[]

Under Niers' command, the company could outmaneuver any foe, defeat any force, even those three times as large as them. With Niers' Skills, they could turn their soldiers into horrific monsters, yet if they needed to retreat, the army would become ghosts on the battlefield. While Niers leads the armies, their commander takes down the enemy officers. According to Orthenon, the group is able to overwhelm Flos' weakened kingdom.

They employ the second most Selphids behind the Eyes of Baleros Great Company,[3] even more than the Selphid-only Bodies of Fellden by dint of size. These Selphids make up their vanguard thanks to their resilience, their ability to Rampage, and their ability to keep fighting by taking the bodies of fallen foes when theirs got too damaged. They're also useful for training exercises, and Niers found they were the most inclined to keep working as [Mercenaries] longer rather than retire. In the wake of the manufacture of Healing Potions being halted when Eir gel disappeared, this became an even greater advantage.[4]

The company uses a unique fortification and siege weapon called Chesstowers. They are short and wide towers made of stone, wood and other light materials made lighter with magic, and are enchanted against fire, catapults and arrows. They have superior crenelations, murder holes, enchantments to set themselves ablaze along with anyone trying to climb them, and anti-siege engine spells. Their most notable feature is that they're light enough to be lifted and redeployed, making them mobile fortifications. There are currently twenty-seven made, some of which have been commissioned to look like rooks, bishops, and other chess pieces.[5]

One of the company's notable combat groups are the Marshwalkers, a force comprised mostly of Lizardfolk and no Nagas. Unlike most Lizardfolk forces, they march in silent formation like Drakes, and are experts at killing Nagas.[5]


Known Members[]

Name Race Position
Foliana Squirrel Beastkin Commander & Rogue
Niers Astoragon Fraerling Second in Command & Strategist
Perorn Sadiluc Centaur Strategist
Morn Unknown Captain
Unnamed [Diviner] Unknown Diviner Mage
Unnamed [Stitchmistress] String People Tailor
Selentierre Garuda Chef
Mixasa Dullahan Chef
Diomedes Cyclops General
Gloriam Selphid General
Zecila[6] Lamia Top Strategist (1/6)
Hetoque[7] Selphid Top Strategist/[Battle Master] (2/6)
??? Dullahan Top Strategist (3/6)
??? Naga Top Strategist (4/6)
??? Dullahan Top Strategist (5/6)
??? ??? Top Strategist (6/6)
Hewilst[8] ??? Lieutenant

Former Members[]


  • Because of their high employment of Selphids, they have agreements with some of their enemies not to poach their dead.[4]