The Forgotten Wing Company is a mercenary group and one of the Four Great Companies of Baleros.


The Forgotten Wing Company rose into prominence two decades back, crushing countless other companies in the process. They haven’t as many long-term contracts, but they’re a rising force.

Niers Astoragon is second in command of the Forgotten Wing Company. His Company, not including Niers himself, has at the very least fifteen [Strategists] and [Tacticians] and countless others.

Their flag banner consist of a stylized flowing wing comprised of three colors; Pink, yellow, and green, the same colors as the eyes of their leader.[1]

Military Strength

Under Niers command, the company could outmaneuver any foe, defeat any force, even those three times as large as them. With Niers' Skills, they could turn their soldiers into horrific monsters, yet if they needed to retreat, the army would become ghosts on the battlefield.

While Niers leads the armies, their Commander takes down the enemy officers.

According to Orthenon, the group is able to overwhelm Flos' weakened kingdom.


Known Members:

Name Race Position
Foliana Squirrel Beastkin Commander & Rogue
Niers Astoragon Fraerling Second in Command

& Strategist

Peclir Im Human Chamberlain
Perorn Sadiluc Centaur Strategist
Morn Unknown Captain
Unnamed [Diviner] Unknown Diviner Mage
Unnamed [Stitchmistress] String People Tailor

Under Niers's Teaching:

Name Race Position
Umina Lizardfolk Advanced Student & Strategist
Cameral Dullahan Advanced Student & Strategist
Wil Human Advanced Student & Strategist
Yerranola Selphid Advanced Student & Strategist
Marian Centaur Advanced Student & Strategist
Venaz Minotaur Advanced Student & Strategist
Jekilt Centaur Student & Strategist
Kissilt Drake Student & Strategist
Feshi Gnoll Student & Tactician


  • Aside from the Eyes of Baleros, the Forgotten Wing company employs way more Selphids than any other major company. Especially because they’re so useful in training exercises.[2]


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