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The Four Companies of Baleros, also know as the Four Great Companies, are the biggest and strongest mercenary groups on Baleros.


2000 years ago, there had been Six Great Companies, who tried to invade Northern Izril.

The Four Companies of Baleros are the biggest companies on the continent, with influence, representatives in other nation and even entire merchant organizations that cater only to them.

They’re all somewhat equal but they don't fight against each other most of the time, as that would upset the balance, and if two of the Great Companies fought, the other two would attack the winner, if there even was one.[1] When they go to war, people die by the tens of thousands. Big wars against each other, involving hundreds of thousands of soldiers, haven't happened for a long time though.[2]

Even while these Great Four are considered the most powerful, other companies have similar large numbers and control large territories.[2]

Recent History[]

In recent history of the last twenty years, one of the Great Four, the Jungle Tails[2], was replaced by a new one that had risen to power, the Forgotten Wing.[3]

In the year 2 A.F., one of the Great Companies of Baleros hired the [Emissary] Trixal Therest, to write a report that listed Wistram as one of the most powerful factions in the world.[4]

The Four Great Companies are:[]

  1. Iron Vanguard (mainly consists of Dullahans, territories are in the freezing north[3], controls much of the Balerosian sea)[2]
  2. Maelstrom’s Howling (mainly consists of Centaurs and some Lizardfolk, territories are towards the central plains but not held completely)[3]
  3. Forgotten Wing Company (not a species' company, operates in the south)[3]
  4. Eyes of Baleros (mainly consists of Gazers, controls the jungle and is secretive)[3]

Less powerful, important companies[]

  1. Jungle Tails (mainly consists of Lizardfolk, was a former Great Company)[2]
  2. Goblin’s Lament (mainly consisted of Goblins, led by Velan[5], now disbanded, was considered the 5th company until 14 AF)[6]


  • While the The Iron Vanguard and Maelstrom’s Howling companies are specialized, the other two are more diverse.