Frearlings or more commonly known as the Small Folk, are one of the Races of Innworld. They mainly live in Baleros

Physiology Edit

Appearance Edit

The Frearling look just like normal humans, but with the average height of a Human’s hand.

Physical Qualities Edit

Strength Edit

Adult Fraerlings are strong enough to lift things many times their weight, like tossing a cup, and even lift it when it’s full. A Level 60 Fraerling [Warrior] can even kill a Griffin. Still their strength isn’t much use when everything else is so big to them.[1]

Diet Edit

Fraerlings could hold more than their body weight in drink and food; they actually got a bit taller as their bodies stretched to support the extra mass, but alcohol could still kill them.[2]

They have also a fast metabolisms, which allows them to sober up faster when they are drunk.[1]

Magical Qualities Edit

Fraerlings are capably to use magic. Still, while size isn’t everything where magic is concerned, it’s literally too hard for them to weave larger spells, and casting normal Spells like a [Fireball], are actually tiny compered to other races.[1]

Weaknesses Edit

Small Size Edit

Due to their small size, Fraerlings have a number of disadvantages.

  • Pest (like rats), and other small animals (like cats), are deadly to them.
  • As stated above, their strength and magic is not of much use to them outside their communities.
  • They are also not that much tough, as a few stomps are enough to kill even a Lv. 60 Fraerling [Warrior].[1]

Behavior and Culture Edit

The Frearling live a reclusive live on Baleros and seldom took part in continental or worldly events, preferring to stay within their small communities and only travel to villages, towns, and cities on the occasionally trip to sell goods or request aid from adventurers. Except for a few exceptions, such as Niers Astoragon, the most famous Frearling in the world.[3]

History Edit

Relations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Armor for Fraerlings are more expensive than any [Lord]’s, given that [Blacksmith]'s have a terrible time forging anything so small.[4]
  • Books that were made for Fraerlings are hard to obtain. Not because they were almost twice as expensive as a normal book, since the costs of production were minute, but because a Fraerling [Bookbinder] and [Scribe] had to labor hard to copy texts in minutiae.[5]
  • There is a classic story where some of them live in a house unknown to the owners. This is not real, as it is dangerous, due to them being easier squished unknowingly by the owners.[1]

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