Frostwing is Laken's pet bird. It isn't clear which exact kind of predator bird it is, but Laken decided on it being an eagle (or eaglet).

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Frostwing is a blue bird that resembles the pokemon Articuno[1] and is currently nearly as large as an eagle.[2]

When Frostwing was still a chick, her plumage was definitely green.

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Frostwing killed its siblings (like the oldest eaglets do with their younger siblings); but Frostwing's parent died fighting another predator. How Frostwing survived and why nothing had eaten her mother's corpse, is unknown.[3]

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Laken was drawn towards Frostwing to rescue it, and he and Durene then took the bird in. Its carnivorous diet was a problem since they didn't have too much meat, but Laken fed it squirrels he hunted. Frostwing however gained Laken his first Beast Tamer levels.

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