Gailt is Reizmelt's Criminal Underworld's [Mage].

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Fierre uses him as her go-to mage because she knows about loyalty and he is a reliable professional and wouldn't dare to betray her.[1]

He is poor and doesn't have the stomach to be an adventurer. He is instead an alcoholic.

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Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Mage] Lv. ? (probably above Lv. 15 for being able to cast [Message])[2]

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  • [Message]

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  • (To Fierre) “Because Ryoka’s there. Dead gods, it’s not like she’s the only City Runner. She must be some friend. You don’t hang out with your other clients. Or anyone else.”
  • (To Fierre) “What, the High Passes? She is crazy. But what can you do, Miss Fierre? Bribe the [Witches] not to turn her into stew?”

References Edit

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