Galuc, also known as Galuc the Digger or Galuc the Builder, was one of the Centenium. It is his form that the Antinium Soldiers and Workers now wear.

Appearance Edit

He was as large as any half-Giant. Since the form of all Antinium Soldiers and Workers were modeled after his body, his form was similar to them.[1]

Personality Edit

He had a strong, fearless personality.[2] He also had a sense of humor.[1]

Background Edit

He was one of the Centenium created by the First Grand Queen.[3] He perished along with many Antinium in their ill-fated voyage across the sea from Rhir,[1] while battling a Kraken.[4]

Powers and Abilities Edit

He was famed for his ability to build.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • He was mentioned for the first time in Ch 3.06 L.
  • According to Klbkch, Galuc would have laughed to know that the Antinium all look like him.[2]
  • He was considered a rarity among the Centenium for having a sense of humor.[1]

Quotes Edit


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