Garudas are one of the races of Innworld.

Biology and Abilities Edit

Garudas are one of the few sapient species that can fly, and their bodies are relatively frail compared to most species as a result, which is the result of their hollow bones.[1]

Appearance Edit

Garudas have a bird-people like form, with mixed colored feathers and a bird’s face with a long curved beak. Their ‘arms’ are two long wings with long feathers and nimble talons at each end.[2]

Physical Abilities Edit

Special Abilities Edit

Background Edit

The Garudas vigilantly patrol the arid deserts and fight bloody wars over the limited water supplies. To an unprepared army, Garuda attacks are hard to repel, as the feathery warriors will simply drop rocks from above, loose arrows and magic out of range, and retreat before they can be counterattacked. Prideful and fierce, Garudas make few friends, but those they do accept are comrades for life.[1]

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References Edit

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