Gec is a human town in central Izril.

Geography Edit

RiverfarmArea Map

A map of the Riverfarm area after the War against Rags (Artist's rendition, the position of Gec remains speculative.)

It is close enough to Riverfarm that the [Headman], named Filk, could go to Riverfarm himself to maintain good relations with the rising [Emperor] Laken Godart of the Unseen Empire.[1]

Note: Since Filk is also a town in the area, it is possible that a mixup happened here with the names of town and [Headman], especially since the town was never mentioned again later.

Overview Edit

Gec has a local storage cellar with [Preservation] runes. The town has no Mages Guild however, so they can't send or receive [Message] spells. One of their local produce is apples.[1]

References Edit

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