Geneva Scala is a medical student from Earth that was transported to the other world.


She has brown hair and pale, olive skin. Her right arm is practically white.[1]


She isn't afraid or disgusted by blood. She heals, to the best of her abilities and equipment, anyone and everyone who comes to her looking for medical assistance, even if it's an enemy.



She appeared on the continent of Baleros, and to make ends meet, enlisted in the Raverian Fighter’s Company. She served in the 6th squad of the 4th Battalion, lead by Thriss.[2]

During the battle, she began using the symbol of the red cross, and became famous for tending to patients regardless of who they fight for - this led to enemies calling off their attacks when they saw Geneva.

The humans of her company began to harbor ill-will towards Geneva because she didn't prioritize healing the other humans first. She was ostracized, and Thriss attempted to kill her, and nearly succeeded.

Geneva nearly died from a fractured spinal cord caused by two blows to the back by Thriss, but was saved by merging with her Selphid friend, Okasha. Despite her broken spinal cord, which should have left Geneva paralyzed, sharing a body with Okasha allows her body to function normally.

Powers and Abilities


  • [Doctor] Lv. 26


  • [Detect Injury]
  • [Enhanced Thread]
  • [Flash Hands]
  • [Flawless Cut]
  • [Hemostatic Pause]
  • [Hygienic Hands]
  • [Injury Sense]
  • [Lesser Resistance: Disease]
  • [Lesser Resistance: Infection]
  • [Lesser Stamina]
  • [Numbing Touch]
  • [Speed Stitching]
  • [Sterile Field] (derived from [Sterile Equipment])


  • Fluent in English and Italian.[3]

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  • She was born in Wisconsin, though is Italian by heritage and often visited her homeland.[2]



  • (To Aiko) “Unwilling to fight doesn’t mean ‘coward’. If you have the stomach for it, I’d welcome a second pair of hands.”
  • (To Okasha) “But I trust you. You could have taken my body if you wished to. Instead you share it. You let me have control. Why? Why be so…kind?”
  • (To Daly) “It’s surprising you brought up the tattoos. I thought it was my job to depress everyone.”


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