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Gerald was Captain of a Silver-rank adventurer team, known as Kyrial’s Pride (or occasionally Gerald’s Pride). His vice captain was Ulgrim.


He was a big man and used an iconic battleaxe.[1]


His team was a close-combat group, specialized in monster-slaying, similar to the Horns of Hammerad. Not much was mentioned about the rest of his group.[2]


He joined four other captains (Calruz, Lir, Yvlon and Cervial) for the dungeon raid on the Ruins of Liscor[1] after two other silver-rank captains, Gregor and Hendric, had already declined to participate.[3] He screened some more adventurers willing to participate in the dungeon raid, but refused to let them join.[4]

At some point, he had expressed reservations with regards to the dungeon, but was later enthusiastic about it. He and Calruz were the first in this dungeon raid to enter the ruins, and continued to be the frontline fighters.[2]

When the raid split into two groups, Gerald and Lir found the door behind which Skinner was hiding. He was, apparently, eager to open it, but Cervial and Lir held him back. Skinner took them all by surprise when he came out, Gerald was last seen among the faces added to Skinner's body.[5]

When guilt was considered for the release of Skinner, Gerald's name was among those who were considered to have been experienced captains - although the rumour also spread that the entire dungeon raid had been irresponsible or foolish, blaming him and his fellow captains as responsible for the deaths.[6]


  • He had an axe-fighter class - probably [Axe Fighter] or [Warrior] Lv.?


  • [Whirlwind Cleave][7]


  • (to his group) “Kryial’s Pride — form up![2]
  • (in the dungeon) “Now warriors, follow me! Charge!” [7]