Geril is the retainer and head servant of [King] Raelt of Jecrass.

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He has been described as faithful and stubborn, and in result serves as the oldest and closest retainer to Raelt.[1] The King suspects him of becoming senile.[2]

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Geril is a war veteran from a number of battles, and even able to help command in battle.[1]

He has been at his king's side for over 40 years, since Raelt was just a boy.[3]

He is described as an old man, who coordinates tasks that his [King] needs performed. As a senior among Jecrass' servants, he doesn't need to perform physical tasks himself anymore.[3]

He is also privy to Raelts thoughts, attends war councils[2], and provides advice. Another duty is to read foreign proclamations to the court of the river wardens.[3]

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Geril follows his [King] closely, except for matters that require privacy. He was present in all public appearances that Raelt made within the volumes 6 and 7. In closed meetings with foreign officials, Geril wasn't allowed however, lacking in formal status.[2]

Despite his old age, when Geril followed Raelt into war on horseback, he wore heavy armor, including a hauberk, mail armor and a conical helmet, and he had a spear at his side.[1]

Before the duel between Raelt and Flos, Geril was asked to bear witness when Raelt named Jecaina as his successor, together with General Lael and the River Wardens. During that duel, Jecaina bid him to interfere, but Geril was threatened by Orthenon not to. When the duel was then interrupted by Dulfe, Geril was wounded at his leg and side as he protected Jecaina and shielded her from injury.[1]

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The actual classes of Geril are unknown, as are the numbers of his levels. He has been repeatedly described as [Head Servant][3] in peace times, but also as a veteran [Retainer][1] in war times. His courtly roles resemble those of a [Chamberlain], [Royal Advisor] or [Ceremonial Master], but that doesn't mean he has to have any of these classes.

  • [Head Servant] Lv.?
  • [Retainer] Lv.?

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