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Detail Map of northeastern Chandrar (Artistic rendition)

Germina (also called Gemira and the Throne of Ger) is a nation and one of Chandrar’s four Shield Kingdoms. It is located northeastern section of Chandrar.


Germina lies north of Reim and southwest of Hellios. Flat, hot, arid land, almost desert, defines the nation; the soil allows not much agriculture aside from growing Yellats.[1]

The capital of the ancient Shield Kingdom is built around the oasis of Ger. Besides Ger, there exist some other oases, towns and villages.[1]

The ruler, who is (nearly)[2] always a female is called Quarass.

A main source of revenue comes from Germina's highly trained [Assassins], some of them even finish their training when still children.


The ruler of Germina is the Quarass, a title that is passed down from person to person.[3] The day-to-day matters are run by [Councilors], among them the [Councilor of State]. The upper class of Germina also consists of [First Warriors] (equivalent to [Knights]) and [Highborn] (equivalent to [Nobles]).[1]


Germina is one of four remaining Shield Kingdoms of Chandrar, and over a dozen millenia old.

The daughter of the Quarass murdered her mother before the reign of Flos Reimarch, and then as Quarass became a bitter woman.[2]

The Quarass formally declared war on Reim short time after Flos became active again. She then committed Germina's most experienced forces to attack Reim but the coalition army together with five other nations (Ultea, Oblinat, Xar, Hellios, and Elmvett)[4], placed under command of [General] Uleth, was beaten by Orthenon.[5]

The Quarass was then personally beheaded by Flos,[6] and two thirds of her court was slain as well. Flos remained at hand to oversee in secret the coronation of the next [Quarass], a nine-year-old girl, to whom he pledged an oath of protection, while claiming Germina and its people as his own for the coming 40 years.[1]


  • People of Germina wear mostly colorless clothes, in white or grey; women's clothing may have colored borders. To protect against heat and sand, they cover as much of themselves as possible.[1]
  • The buildings of Germina are colorful however, showing murals or artful motifs[1].
  • Due to the longevity of their respective rulers, Germina has comparatively good connections to Khelt.[2]