Giant Moles are an underground monster species that is either related to moles or looks a lot like them.

Appearance Edit

They are huge and can reach the size of houses.[1] Klbkch knew them to be seventeen times the size of a Soldier Antinium.[2]

Note: it remained unclear if Klbkch's comparison referred to body length or body volume, but body volume is more likely, since the moles are to described only the size of houses. If they were 17 times a Soldier's body length, then the moles could grow to a length of about 40-50 meters (130-165 feet), larger than nearly all dinosaur species or than blue whales from Earth.

Habitat Edit

They are present both in Northern Izril - Lupp remembered attacks[3] - as well in Southern Izril, where the Armored Antinium had to call for Xrn's aid to mount an effective offensive against giant moles that they had encountered.[2]

References Edit

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