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A Goblin Lord is an especially powerful Goblin or Hobgoblin.


The most prominent theory about Goblin Lords is that some particularly powerful Goblin Chieftains eventually become a Goblin Lord, and if they rise further, they may become a Goblin King.

They appear to be a naturally occurring phenomenon, a rare individual born out of the Goblin population that has immeasurable talent... [...] Such is their [(Goblin Kings)] threat that Goblin Lords are actively hunted down to prevent them from becoming Goblin Kings.[1] (Krsysl Wordsmith, History of the Second Antinium War)

King Velan had nine Goblin Lords in his entourage.[1]

However, there may be more to Goblin Lords than other races believe, as there are two kinds of Goblin Lords:

  • One kind attracts other Goblins through some far-reaching aura-effect that pulls other Goblins to them and convinces them to follow such a Lord. They usually raise armies and lead them to battle other races.
  • The second kind are Goblin Lords who don't attract attention, but apparently work towards another goal that has not been revealed yet.

Known Goblin Lords[]

  • The Goblin Lord (who recently plagued Izril in volumes 2 to 5), known to a select few persons as Reiss
  • Greydath of Blades, oldest known Goblin Lord alive[1]
  • Murmar, confirmed dead[1]
  • Tallis the Stormbreaker, believed dead[2]