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The Gold Stone Tribe was a local Goblin tribe roaming the lands north of Liscor.


The Gold Stone Tribe was not a small tribe, but inferior to the Redfang Tribe to whom they payed token tributes in exchange for a modicum of protection.[1]

There were four Hobgoblins in the Gold Stone Tribe, the largest Hob being the leader who commanded nearly 200 goblins in total.[2]


Under their leader, Pyrite, who was first a [Mining Chieftain] and later a [Magestone Chieftain], the Gold Stone tribe avoided contact with humans. When adventurers or local guards still came for them, this particular tribe would throw precious minerals at them and escape while the Humans went after the valuables. This led to the legend of the Golden Goblin.[3]

In the winter after Erin Solstice's arrival, Garen Redfang summoned all local tribes north of Liscor to deal with the dangers coming from both the Flooded Waters Tribe and the emerging Goblin Lord.

On their march there, the Gold Stones were overwhelmed by Rags' tactics and integrated into her tribe. Before that, Rags had already absorbed Jawbreaker, Sword Taker and Bloody Hand tribes. Pyrite, the old Gold Stone Chieftain, received a crossbow bolt into the chest and submitted to Rags, easily surviving Rags' assault.[2]

Rags then continued to absorb the Redfang Tribe.

Known Members[]