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Golems are enchanted constructs, of either animated objects or any type of artificially constructed creatures.

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Natural Golems[]

They are a rarity in most parts of the world—aside from the desert or snowy areas; nevertheless, one would still only see the weakest, most primitive of Golems, namely Sand Golems, Snow Golems and so on, which are functions of nature, of excess mana and intention.[1]

Artificial Golems[]

Golems that have been carved, are known as Carved Golem.

Golems require high-grade materials to be built, such as Mana stones and rocks without impurity.[2]

Once a Golem has been compromised, it is rid of as it cannot be trusted.[3]

Types of Golems[]

  • Archer-Golem
  • Armored Golem
  • Bone Golem / Bone Horror[4]
  • Brick Golem
  • Bronze Golem
  • Ceramic Golem
  • Clay Golem
  • Cloth Golem
  • Copper Golem
  • Duelist Golem
  • Dust Golem
  • Finemetal Bronze Golem
  • Flame Golem
  • Flesh Golem
  • Fruit Golem[5]
  • Gemstone Golem
  • Glacier Golem
  • Iron Golem
  • Ivory Golem
  • Lifesand Golem
  • Liquid Metal Golem
  • Magestone Golem
  • Magma Golem
  • Metal Golem
  • Mud Golem
  • Radiance Golem / Golem of Light
  • Salt Golem
  • Sand Golem
  • Shadow Golem
  • Shadowflesh Golem
  • Snow Golem
  • Soulcopper Golem
  • Steel Golem
  • Stone Golem
  • Storm Golem
  • Truestone Golem
  • War Golem
  • Water Golem
  • Wind Golem
  • Wireform Golem


  • As Golems are neither alive nor dead, they are immune to death magic spells, such as a [Deathbolt] spell.[6]
  • Nowadays, the ancient techniques of creating titans and more advanced Golems has became a faded art.[7]