Gralton Radivaek is a Human [Lord], known for having trained the fiercest war hounds and the finest trackers in all of Izril.

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He is a large man, with a tattoo of a snarling dog on his cheek.[1]

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  • [Dog Lord] Lv. ?

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  • (To Nobles) “Cowards. Why isn’t Veltras here himself? Let’s drag him out of his tent and have him explain himself now. No more excuses about the right moment! Does any man among you have the balls to join me?”
  • (To Laken) “Hah! You have to show me that one. A Mossbear for a pet? And they call me a savage. You gave the Goblins your phone-thing again, didn’t you?”

References Edit

  1. Chapter 5.30 G
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