The Grand Queen is the ruler of all the Antinium located in Izril.

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The Grand Queen is far larger than the Queen of the Free Antinium. She is massive, bloated, and rests on a huge dais in the center in the room of her hive.[1]

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  • (To Klbkch) “Klbkchhezeim? The connection is strong it seems. How fares the Free Antinium?”
  • (To Klbkch & Free Queen) “Good. We have much to do, Klbkchhezeim, my Queen of the Free Antinium.”
  • (To Klbkch & Free Queen) “The Goblins are moving once more. The Humans stir for war. The Drakes have lost their shield. And the Antinium will rise.”
  • (To Klbkch) “Your form has been altered. Without permission.”
  • (To Belgrade) “So? What is an Erin and why does it matter? The Human?”
  • (To Free Queen) “Unacceptable. Unacceptable. Order them back. Recover them. The Hive cannot lose an asset. The battle must be lost. Do you hear me? Free Queen? Free Queen?”

References Edit

  1. Chapter 4.49
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