Gravetender’s Fist is a mercenary group that operates in Baleros. Originally a Suppression Company, they disbanded after they were caught in the crossfire of the Razorshard Armor and Roving Arrow's Companies,[1] but later revitalized into a proper Company.[2]

Overview Edit

Gravetender’s Fist is a suppression company enlisted to dispose of the undead and corpses that were the natural byproduct of a conflict that involves other companies battles.

Their job consists of collecting corpses, burning them, and kill any undead that rise up.


Gravetender’s Fist's flag banner consists of a fist shooting out of soil, emblazoned on cloth that shone brightly in the dark.[3]

Strength Edit

Members Edit

Known Members Edit

Humans: Edit

Dullahans: Edit

  • Xor - Acting Officer
  • Lethic

Lizardfolk: Edit

  • Quexa - Second-in-command[4]
  • Zalel - Officer

Centaurs: Edit

Former Members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It is rare for most of the soldiers to stay more than a few months in Gravetender’s Fist.[5]

References Edit

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