Grev Redigal is young boy and Jasi's younger step-brother.

Appearance Edit

Grey has a gap-toothed grin. He used to have a scrawny body,[1] but now his thin frame has filled out.[2]

Personality Edit

Although young, Grev is astute. He is the only one who notices that Klbkch does not confirm that there are no Dragons around Liscor.[3]

Background Edit

Grev is the son of two humans who also adopted Jasi, a Drake. Their parents split up unhappily: Her adopted mother found another man, the father just disappeared one day.

After the children were abandoned, Jasi found work as a [Washer] and she earned enough coin for her and Grev to survive; but couldn't properly take care of her brother, so he became a [Street Rat]. He learned how to beggar, to steal and how to lure innocent people into ambushes. Jasi had known about the first part and done her best to stop that, but she hadn’t known about the muggings.[4]

Chronology Edit

Grev first appears as a beggar boy who tries to trick Erin, leading her into an alley where there were waiting muggers. However, Erin forgave him for this act after he fetched Wesle to arrest his mugger friends.[1]

He reappears a week later, again caught by Erin for pickpocketting a young women on the streets. During the chase, he leads Erin to meet Jasi, who then proceeds to spank Grev for his misdeeds.[4] Erin decided to help them both, but not by just giving them money. Instead she brought them to the Frenzied Hare where she and Agnes tried to find a new, less backbreaking profession for Jasi. When Erin discovered that not one person in Celum apparently ever witnessed a theater performance, she organized a play for which Jasi, Grev and Wesle were the first [Actors].[5]

That way, the two siblings became part of the core group of the Players of Celum.


Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Street Rat] Lv. ? (low-level)[6]

Skills: Edit

  • [Fake Smile]
  • [Street’s Honor]
  • [Waypoint]

Trivia Edit

Appearances Edit

see here

Quotes Edit

  • (To Erin) “I’m Grev, Miss. And you need to get to an [Alchemist] to sell them bees, am I right?”
  • (To Erin) “Magic inn, good food, and you know more plays. If Wesle wasn’t in makeup he’d kiss you, Miss Erin.”
  • (To everyone) "He—it’s a trick, see? In the city. You learn to listen for it. If someone don’t say something’s true or not true, they’re not lying, see?"
  • (To Briganda) “Stop, stop! He’s not a monster! Well—he is, but he’s a guest of Miss

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