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Greysten is the Summer’s Champion and grandmaster of the Summer Knights of the Order of Seasons.


He is a physically imposing big man of six foot three (maybe an inch taller), with orange hair.[2]


TBA From Chapter 8.06 RT

He is honest to a fault, and can be as stubborn as a Drake, too. He also tolerate no enemies within his line of sight, and if he thought someone was a danger to others, he might try to slay them then and there.[3]

While he may not hold Goblins as a whole in contempt, the same can't be said to be true to the Undead as he sees them with disdain, horror, contempt, even fear. To him Revenants like Fetohep are the worst of all as he considers them horrors pretending to still have true thought and emotion. A pestilence upon the living, a threat made more cunning by their intelligence. Due to his view on the Undead he does not accept the practice of necromancy, except when used in desperation like in the Blighted Kingdom, although even then he does not fully accept it's use either.[4]



TBA From Chapter 6.42 E

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TBA From Chapter 8.06 RT

After watching with a look of disgust on his face the live coverage of the 1st battle and aftermath of Fetohep’s undead army against Medain’s forces, he tells his fellow Knights that if it were not for Ailendamus war ambitions he would had petition the Knight-Commander to consider a crusades against Khelt, but since they can't he advise them to watch how Khelt’s undead fight for the day they may go to battle against them.[4]

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He would proceed in leading the charge against the Order of the Hydra, and would duel with the Merila, the Hill-Knight, three times in which he pressed her back twice, but was pushed back once. Neither one has felled the other yet.[5]

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Powers and Abilities[]


  • ??? (A [Knight] Class, Lv. 40+[6])


  • [Call to Single Combat]
  • [Hill Ogre’s Smash]

Combination Skills:[]

  • [The Sprouting Shields of the Forest]


  • While he appeared for the first time in Ch 6.42 E (as; Summer’s Champion), his name was revealed in Ch 8.06 RT.


  • (To Ser Solstice) “I like this one! Yes, years, Ser Solstice! The Order of Seasons does not treat its friends lightly, and one more mouth is hardly an imposition! Although we’ll raise our eyebrows if you do naught at all. But I swear it by the summer skies! I am the Summer’s Champion, Greysten. An honor to meet you.”
  • To Calirn:
    • Four? The Winter’s Watcher is the only one left out? Dead gods burning on Giant’s tits, Calirn! This is too much! Are we [Knights] or children tossing around secrets bound by chivalry? I nearly threw both of them off the keep’s walls! My first instinct is to revoke their knighthood—which I will not do. But you’d better do something before I simply hit them!”
    • “It’s one Goblin. I find this breach of chivalry more important, Calirn. What, do they want me to decide to chop off its head? It—hesaved them from being ransomed and apparently came to their aid during the Ogre attack! In return, our Order decides to stab him in the back.”
    • “Shame is shame. Honor is honor. Secret is secret.”
    • “Must we grapple and talk about what makes a man a [Knight], Knight-Commander? My answer is simple. If he is a [Knight], he is a [Knight]!
  • To Rabbiteater:
    • “I…know who you are, Ser Solstice. I was informed. And it falls to me to tell you that I was told of your nature. I did not ask, but there we are.”
    • “I do not do well with subterfuge. Secrets eat at me until I spit them out. I know. And I have slain more Goblins than I can count. I am reckoning with it now, looking upon you.”
    • “I struggle with such things, Rabbiteater, until I have an answer that suits me. I cannot live without one. I fear only that I am wrong, which is why I listen to Calirn and other, more cool-headed voices. I could never be the Grandmaster of the entire Order. I am little suited to Summer, in truth. But…a better man than me could not take the post. His name was Ser Raim and he passed, a few months ago. Dame Talia and her company rode to his aid. But he was lost.”
    • “Good show! Are you well, Ser Rabbit?”
  • To Talia:
    • “I put Ser Solstice as the Season of Summer myself, Dame Talia. Of all our Seasons, I believe he is mine. Wouldn’t you agree?”
    • “Still, Dame Talia. Between you and me—that you told me and Calirn of Ser Solstice’s nature? Knowing he might suffer or die because of whom he was, after all he had done? That was a move as cold as snow.”
  • (To Calirn) “I do not ignore the cost, Knight-Commander. But I tell you that each time we hesitate and let justice go undone, I feel we have betrayed our knightly-oaths. I know the reasons, but I feel it in my marrow.”
  • To Rabbiteater:
    • “The world is not fair! We [Knights] fight for ‘goodness’! We try to do what is right. And we fail.
    • “The greatest of us fall to treachery, fall before dark monsters! This is a truth of the world. The world is not fair—but—that is why we are here. Because, Rabbiteater. You are not alone.”
  • (To Markus) “In my experience, there are few enemies in the world who can’t be defeated by charging straight at them. All you need are more lances!”
  • (To everyone) “Season of Summer! Season of Spring! Fall! To arms! Ailendamus has sent our brothers and sisters against us! It will be a fine battle.
  • (To Rabbiteater) “Then ride with me, my brother.
  • (Cursing) “Damn. And damn that giant…half-Giant…giant…woman!”