The Griffin Prince (Name Unknown) is the firstborn son of Novakya, Queen of Kaliv.

Appearance Edit

He is in his late twenties, but looks younger, like he did when he was cursed.

The black threads that hold together his body are usually invisible, and only surface either when he is injured[1] or when Belavierr threatens his life.[2]

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Background Edit

He was a close childhood friend of Wiskeria, as the girl grew up in Terandria. He asked a favor of her, which her mother Belavierr, the [Stitch Witch] helpfully granted. He asked to be made invulnerable to blades... So Belavierr tore him apart and stitched him back together; that magic was to hold as long as Belavierr lives. The Prince was screaming painfully during the procedure, and this was the ultimate reason why Wiskeria left Belavierr behind and became a [Witch].[3]

His mother exiled him from her palace and named him a disgrace, after this event.

The Griffin Prince was brought into the Palace if Kaliv at least once in a state of bloodloss, nine years before the events of book 6, and the [Royal Healer] of Kaliv had to treat his wounds. It is not clear if that was immediately after his 'invulnerability treatment', or at some later point.[2]

Chronology Edit

The Griffin Prince is part of Kaliv's border patrols, not too far from the Royal throneroom.[2] Under his command in the "Wing of Shame", he has [Marauders], [Murderers], [Rapists] and 2 disgraced [Kights] who were offered one last chance of redemption for their crimes.[1]

When Belavierr was cornered by the Order of Seasons, she loosened the Griffin Prince's stitches to force his mother to confront the Order. The Griffin Prince himself was resigned to his fate and asked his mother to let him finally die. [Queen] Novakya complied with Belavierr's demands, however,[2] although Kaliv's [Griffin Riders] could not stop the Orders forces. While Belavierr ultimately survived, the current status of the Griffin Prince is unknown.[3]

When [Mercenaries] sent by Ailendamus crossed borders into Kaliv to occupy grassland along the Tergil river, the Griffin Prince's patrol intervened. He killed the [Captain] and they sent the enemie's company fleeing.[1]

Powers and Abilities Edit

He has little in the ways of Skills and levels, but got experienced in fights the hard way. In close combat, he does so with an axe and a buckler.[1]

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Griffin Prince] Lv. 6[1]

Skills: Edit

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Novakya - Mother Edit

He feels shame for bringing his mother grief, and would rather that she leaves him to his gruesome fate, rather then having her be forced to do as Belavierr wills her, to preserve his live.

Younger Sister Edit

While he himself is resigned to his gruesome fate, even if his mother is willing to save him, his younger sister is disgusted of him and ready to end his life. She had made him the offer before to.

Friends/Allies Edit

Lillian Woods Edit

He loves hearing her fantastical stories, even if he doesn't believe them.[1]

Enemies Edit

Belavierr Edit

He hates her for what she did to him.

Others Edit

Wiskeria Edit

He had fallen in loved with her when they were children, and even after what her mother did to him, he still loves her.[1]

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Quotes Edit

  • (To Novakya) “My Queen. This is my punishment. For ever trusting her. Don’t give in to Belavierr. If she is using my life, she’s truly backed into a corner. She wants you to assail the Order to save me.”
  • (To Novakya) “My Queen. Mother. Let me die, if it is my time. I have brought you only grief. Do not let her ensnare you too.”
  • (To Lillian) “I’m tired, Lily. Tell me a story from your home. Another fantastical story.”

References Edit

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