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Griffins are giant eagle-lions creatures.

Note: They are not to be confused with Ryoka Griffin. Also, Griffon Hunt


Griffons hunt in packs and are considered a serious threat in northern Izril and Terandria, though much less in the southern half of Izril. They have a territorial relationship with Wyverns and have pushed into their habitat after crossing the sea from Terandria.[1]

Tamed Griffins[]

It is possible to tame Griffins when they are raised from being babies[2]. In Terandria, the nation of Kaliv is famous for having a fighting force riding on Griffins under the command of the Griffin Queen, Novakya. Her son, the exiled Griffin Prince, also rides one of the beasts,[3] as does Talia Kallinad, whose favorite War-Griffin is called Amberwing.[4]