Grimvol is or was a [General] in Baleros.

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Because someone had called for the Forgotten Wing Company after a spat against him, Grimvol was the opponent of Niers Astoragon at a point in Volume 2. He was unlucky enough that Niers fielded fifteen of his students against him. To even things out, Niers only brought an army to the field of the same level and size, which still put Grimvol at a severe disadvantage.

Before the actual battle, Niers had already taken out Grimvol's large relief army and replaced it with his own troops under command of Yerranola and Wil who would surprise Grimvol instead of supporting his maneuvers. Grimvol himself had occupied a hilltop which was surrounded by Niers' forces. Niers' plan was to advance himself with the main force but send Cameral into a feint while Umina would lead the cavalry against him and Venaz would confuse Grimvol with meaningless battle signals.

The battle was supposedly a forgone conclusion: Niers ordered to achieve Grimvol's surrender with less than 40 casualties on his side.[1]

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He had defensive skills.

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  • [General], Lv. ?

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  1. Interlude - 3
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