Half-Gazers are part Gazer, and one of the races of Innworld.

Biology and Abilities Edit

Appearance Edit

Half-Gazers have a humanoid form, with orange-brown skin, four-fingered hands, five eyes with one huge central eye and four pupil-less smaller eyes surrounding it, and a mouth filled with sharp teeth. They do not have a nose, and their Blood has a bright orange-yellow color.

Physical Abilities Edit

Eyesight Edit

Their five eyes allow them to see at great distance and even through objects at close range.

Magical Abilities Edit

As Gazers are highly magical beings, Half-Gazers are naturally inclined towards magic[1], able to cast spells as easily as looking.[2] And just like them, their magic is more chaotic than typical [Mages]'s.[1]

Special Abilities Edit

By honing and strengthen their main eye, they can perceive everything in their surroundings, as well as detect the names, classes and skills of others.

Background Edit

Culture Edit

Relations Edit

Half-Gazers are rare, and as such do not interact with most other races.

The most known Half-Gazer is Gazi Pathseeker.

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References Edit

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