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Halrac Everam is a member of the Gold-rank adventurer team, Griffon Hunt. After the death of Ulrien Sparson, he becomes the de facto leader of the group.


He has grey and green eyes, but are more of grey than anything else.[1] His face is usually expressionless.

He wears dark clothing and leather armor.[2]


Halrac is dour most of the time and prefers to be alone rather than dealing with others, though he does have a soft side, seen in his interactions with Mrsha and Erin. As an adventurer, Halrac is professional and competent. He has nerves of steel; no matter how much under stress he is, he never panics. He tends to be expressionless most of the time, which is how he earned his famous moniker "the Grim."


Halrac was born in Windrest, near Riverfarm.[3] His family is currently deceased. He joined the army where he met Ulrien. At some point, Halrac helped cofound Griffon Hunt, along with Ulrien and a few other members.


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Bowman of Loss] Lv. 36[4]
    • Derived from [Veteran Scout][5]

Class Consolidation: Removed[]


  • [Arrow Grab]
  • [Arrow of Regret]
  • [Craft: Arrows of Will]
  • [Curving Shot]
  • [Dangersense]
  • [Double Shot]
  • [Expert’s Shot]
  • [My Pain Is My Strength]
  • [Pinpoint Shot]
  • [Piercing Shot]
  • [Reinforced Arrows]
  • [Voice in Your Ear]
  • [They Walk With Me]
  • ??? - Enhance the User eyes vision to be superior to an owl’s in pitch blackness.[2]


  • Enchanted Reflex Bow - Halrac uses a reflex bow made from Spriggan Wood, as it is highly flexible, and the best bow for close quarters and for sneaking around. It also has longer range and accuracy enchantments.[7]
  • Invisible Bow[8]
  • Boots of Stability[9]
  • Enchanted Arrows - Halrac own and uses a multitude of different enchanted arrows. Some of them are:
    • Arrow of Shocking[10]
    • Phoenixflame Arrow[11]
    • Lightningstrike Arrow[11]


  • His surname was revealed in Ch 3.27 M.
  • It was Todi who had started calling him Halrac the Grim as a joke, until it became his official title.[12]
  • When Halrac drinks Erin's Magical Faerie Drink, he has flashbacks of his childhood and of his past love, Ariael.[13]
  • Halrac dislikes Drakes and Gnolls, which is the result of years of fighting against the two races, when he was still a soldier.[14]
  • Halrac knew Ulrien when the latter was still a Bronze-Rank Adventurer.
  • He founded Griffon Hunt with Ulrien nearly a decade ago.
  • According to Selys, he’s close to becoming a Named Adventurer.
  • Halrac is by Toren's estimation the strongest member of his team.[15]
  • It was strongly hinted that he has a scar on his arm that was caused by a Wyvern.[16]
  • He had fought in the Antinium Wars, together with Ulrien.[17]