Halrac Everam is a member of the gold-rank adventurer group, Griffon Hunt. After the death of Ulrien Sparson, he becomes the de facto leader of the group.

Appearance Edit

He wears dark clothing and leather armor.[1]

Personality Edit

Halrac is most of the time grumpy and prefers to be alone rather than dealing with others.

He has nerves of steel; no matter how much under stress he is, he never panics.

Background Edit

Born in Windrest, near Riverfarm. [2]

Halrac was one of the co-founders of Griffon Hunt, along with Ulrien.

Chronology Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Veteran Scout] Lv. ? (above 30)[3]
  • [Marksman] Lv. ?[4]

Skills: Edit

  • [Arrow Grab]
  • [Dangersense]
  • [Double Shot]
  • [Pinpoint Sh—] (full name yet to be revealed. Likely [Pinpoint Shot])
  • [Piercing Shot]
  • [Reinforced Arrows]
  • Skills that enhanced his vision to be superior to an owl’s in pitch blackness.[1]

Equipment Edit

  • Enchanted Reflex Bow - Halrac uses a reflex bow made from Spriggan Wood, as it is highly flexible, and the best bow for close quarters and for sneaking around. It also has longer range and accuracy enchantments.[5]
  • Invisible Bow[6]
  • Enchanted Arrows - Halrac own and uses a multitude of different enchanted arrows. Some of them are:
    • Arrow of Shocking[7]
    • Phoenixflame Arrow[8]
    • Lightningstrike Arrow[8]

Trivia Edit

  • His surname was revealed in Ch 3.27 M.
  • When Halrac drinks Erin's Magical Faerie Drink, he has flashbacks to his childhood and to his love, Ariael.[9]
  • Halrac dislikes Drakes and Gnolls, which is the result of years of fighting against the two races, when he was still a soldier.[10]
  • Halrac knew Ulrien when the latter was still a Bronze-Rank Adventurer.
  • He founded Griffon Hunt with Ulrien nearly a decade ago.
  • According to Selys, he’s close to becoming a Named Adventurer.
  • Halrac is by Toren's estimation the strongest member of his team.[11]
  • It was strongly hinted that he has a scar on his arm that was caused by a Wyvern.[12]
  • He had fought in the Antinium Wars, together with Ulrien.[13]

Gallery Edit

Quotes Edit

  • (To Erin) “Just give me a table in the corner and I’ll be fine.”
  • (To Ryoka) “Miss Griffin? Erin Solstice has a unique drink. It’s liquid memory.”
  • (To Lyon) “You have a good ear. We’re Griffon Hunt. Not Griffin as in the beast. We’re named after a breed of dog used for hunting, which is what we specialize in.”

Chapter Appearances Edit

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