Hawk is a Rabbit Beastkin, and one of the fastest Couriers on Issrysil. Though he lives in Liscor, he belongs to the Long Ear Tribe of the Beastkin. He was raised in Liscor by drakes.


He appears as a large, six-pack, muscular, anthropomorphic rabbit, with two long, floppy ears, stuck out over his head, a fuzzy tail and light brown fur with dark spots, including one over his eye. He has brown eyes, a pink nose and furry paws like hands and feet, with five fingers on his hands and four toes on his huge feet.

He is clothed in loose clothing with a shirt, pants and leather coverings over his feet.


Hawk is good-natured, and takes pride in his skills as a courier. Due to his enhanced hearing, he dislikes loud noises, and thinks poorly of people who make lots of noise.

He is attracted to female drakes, however the different diets has caused numerous problems in his dating life - Drakes tend to dislike vegetables, and Hawk doesn't like eating much meat. Selys dated him once, for two weeks, before dumping him as a result of his excess usage of carrot-based meals.[1]


Hawk was born in Liscor. After his original parents left him there, he was adopted, raised and named by a Drake couple.[1]


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Having taken him four days to get to Pallass in the morning, he heard about General Zel Shivertail death. After that he found a spot and set up the door in an alley, and while it took him some time, he finally figure out how to activate the stone that Pisces gave him and connected the door with the Wandering Inn.

He then opened the door and started talking with Erin. As he was going to pass through it, Ilvriss strode through the door, followed immediately by Erin to harangue him for not letting Hawk first.

As they were arguing at each other, Hawk interrupted them and reminded them of were they are. They realized that the magical door can let not one but two persons through before deactivating, and that Erin and him were know stuck in Pallass for a day.

He looked at them and welcomed them to Pallass, while gestured helplessly around the city. He then choked as he stared at Erin, who had accepted the situation almost immediately and walked out of the alley, followed by Ilvriss a second later, stomping after her.

As he heard the two arguing as they walked out into Pallass, he stared longingly at the door and poked the wall through the doorway as if hoping it would restore power to the magical artifact. Then he shook his head and hurried after them, while saying to himself that no one pays him enough for this job.[2]

Powers and Abilities

His strength is equivalent to a Gold-rank Adventurer, as he can kill a Crypt Lord alone and is one of the few people who could bother Relc.[1]

As a veteran [Courier], he is able to travel over a hundred miles per day.[3]


  • [Courier] Lv. ?



  • He preferred that his parents named him Hakss instead of Hawk.[1]
  • His usual delivery routes are around 1,000 miles long, sometimes even up to 2,000 miles.[1]
  • Due to his Hyperacusis (Sensitive Hearing), he has to use soundproofing spells in order to sleep.[1]
  • He is into Drakes.[1]
  • He is trying to become a [Chef], in order to court with his carrot recipes.[1]
  • He loves carrots.[1]
  • He and Selys used to date for two weeks before they broke up.[1]


  • (To Erin) “You’re Erin? Nice to meet you. I’m Hawk.”
  • (To Ryoka & Val) “Oh come on! Do you think I’d be into fleshy people like you? I’d rather kiss a Minotaur first. At least they have something covering them! Furballs, you humans are so touchy.
  • (To Olesm & Pisces) “Cool. That’s great, Olesm. Glad I decided to deliver it. Hey, do you know anything about those Goblins in Erin’s inn? I nearly kicked one when I came through the door. Hello? Guys?”
  • (To Erin & Ilvriss) “Right. Well. Miss Solstice, Wall Lord, welcome to Pallass, north-most of the Walled Cities.
  • (To himself) “No one pays me enough for this job.”
  • (To himself) “Screw the Runner’s Guild regulations. I’m charging them triple for this.”

Chapter Appearances

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