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Hawk is a Beastkin and one of the fastest Couriers on the continent. Though he lives in Liscor, he belongs to the Long Ear Tribe of the Beastkin.


He appears as a large, six-pack, muscular, anthropomorphic rabbit, with two long, floppy ears, stuck out over his head, a fuzzy tail and light brown fur with dark spots, including one over his eye. He has brown eyes, a pink nose and furry paws like hands and feet, with five fingers on his hands and four toes on his huge feet.

He is clothed in loose clothing with a shirt, pants and leather coverings over his feet.



Hawk was born and raised in Liscor. After his original parents left him there, he was adopted and named by a Drake couple.


Powers and Abilities

His strength is equivalent to a Gold-rank Adventurer, as he can kill a Crypt Lord alone and is one of the few people who could bother Relc.




  • He preferred that his parents named him Hakss instead of Hawk.
  • His usual delivery routes are around 1,000 miles long, sometimes even up to 2,000 miles.
  • Due to his Hyperacusis (Sensitive Hearing), he has to use soundproofing spells in order to sleep.
  • He is into Drakes
  • He is trying to become a [Chef], in order to court with his carrot recipes.
  • He loves carrots.
  • He and Selys used to date for two weeks before they broke up.


  • (To Erin) “You’re Erin? Nice to meet you. I’m Hawk.”
  • (To Ryoka and Val) “Oh come on! Do you think I’d be into fleshy people like you? I’d rather kiss a Minotaur first. At least they have something covering them! Furballs, you humans are so touchy.