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Hayvon Operland is the most powerful [Lord] in the employment of the Blighted King, as well as the fifth-most powerful [Lord] in Innworld. He has a son and a young daughter.



He is a practical person who believes in necessities and doesn't like to let anything go to waste.

He doesn't lose his calm, scholarly demeanor even when torturing people.

While he has little time pursue his love of history and understanding the world, he still keep up with worldly affairs.[1]


He isn't known for any special kind of traits and remains a figure in the background of Rhir politics. Still, while most people outside of Rhir wouldn't know him or his name; those who do would include him in a list of the five most powerful [Lords] of the entire world, as the fields of Operland are rich and bountiful, his armies stretched beyond sight when he called them, and his wealth was beyond mortal measure.

In his youth, he liked literature and reading and dabbled with being a [Historian] and even gained the class. His father beat him severely for that, but his [King] eventually removed the class from him. He has participated in many battles and has ordered tens of thousands to their death. He claims to have overseen a million deaths.[1]


He tortured High Magus Laisa with Vorepillars on the last day of spring in the year 5620 Zekol because she and other [Mages] refused to perform the ritual to summon more Earthworlder. The other mages went into hiding, so Operland wished to learn where they hid. Before Laisa he treated High Magus Arneit in a similar manner. After Laisa refused to reveal their locations and voiced her fears and the price to pay for the ritual, he left her to his [Mages] to keep questioning her.

At the same day, he rewarded an old [Farmer] who had been serving Rhir for over five decades for his service, he composed a poem about peace in Rhir, and prepared to receive the Americans as his guests.[1]

Powers and Ability[]


  • [Lord] Lv. ?

Removed Classes:[]

  • [Historian]


  • [Riders on the Storm]
  • [The Pride of the Fallen]


  • Pegasus Boots: Made from the ancient hide of Pegasus. Allows the wearer to fly.[1]


  • He usually takes the 5th spot of the most important [Lords] in Innworld, no matter what criteria is used to determine their rank. Such rankings are not of interest to him.[1]
    • This was later revealed to be propaganda produced by the Blighted Kingdom, he is actually much stronger than is generally believed and recorded.


  • (To Laisa) “So. That brings me to my point. Do you know, High Magus, what impresses me after all this time? Slaying an Adult Creler, certainly. But wheat. Growing wheat impresses me.”
  • (To Laisa) “His Majesty is the finest ruler Rhir has had in centuries generations, Laisa. And this ritual is no act of desperation or foolishness. It is a chance.”
  • (To himself) “Flying is so easy. But wheat is terribly difficult to grow. Far easier to gather a hundred thousand men than feed them.”
  • (To himself) “Someday soon, Rhir will know true peace.”
  • (To Richard) “You mean, entertains his swings of mood, and his oddities? Of course. He is a capable fighter. We have seen far worse. Allow him his ‘groupies’, Sir Richard. Allow him his fame. When the time comes, he kills Demons and that is what I care about.”