Hekra was a Gnoll and a member of the Stone Spears Tribe.

Appearance Edit

Even in deep winter, Hekra didn't wear much clothes, trusting her fur.[1]

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She was the Gnoll on watch, far from the Stonespear camp, when Ryoka returned from her delivery to Az’kerash.

After Ryoka had found Mrsha, Hekra was last seen shooting arrows at Goblins.

Given that Mrsha gained the [Last Survivor] class, it is currently assumed Hekra and all other Stone Spear Tribe members including their chief Urksh, died in order to secure the retreat of Ryoka and Mrsha.[2]

Powers and Abilities Edit

She had likely an [Archer] or [Hunter] class, as she carried a bow as her main weapon. She was able to shoot Goblins attacking her in quick succession.[2]

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  • (To Ryoka) “It is dangerous to be alone. Our tribe’s camp is that way. I will take you there. Follow.”

References Edit

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