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Helm is the foremost [Blacksmith] of Riverfarm.


He is a huge, middle-aged man, with an almost completely-bald pate,[1] huge, callused hands, and a loud voice.[2]


He is a very direct man, used to say what needs saying over the roar of a forge. Diplomacy is not his forte.[3]


He used to be one of the leaders of Windrest.[4]


When Windrest was plundered by Goblins during the winter, he went to Riverfarm to pledge for aid from Emperor Laken Godart. Since Laken couldn't spare the protection of his adventurers, he offered to take in all villagers from Windrest, and Helm let his entire village move to Riverfarm, abandoning their old village.[2]

He and some other Blacksmiths forged an armor for Durene.[5] He also worked together with Laken's fledgling [Engineer] corps around Tessia, to construct the Trebuchets.[6]

He argued ardently in favor of a harsh punishment for the [Thief], Elmmet.[3]

Together with Beycalt Newman and Ram Shackl, Helm was one of the people that Prost Surehand relied on to establish order in Riverfarm during Laken's absence.[7]

Powers and Abilities[]

He is the highest-level [Blacksmith] of Riverfarm.[4]


  • [Royal Blacksmith] Lv. ?[8]
    • Or [Royal Smith]
    • [Perfect Temperature Control]
    • Derived from [Blacksmith] Lv. ?[4]
  • [Village Head] Lv. ?[9]


  • [Perfect Temperature Control]



  • (To Laken after being offered shelter in Riverfarm) “Thank you, your majesty! Thank you! We’ll never forget it!”
  • (To Beatica) “Are you mad, woman?”
  • (To Halrac) “Halrac, my lad!”
  • (To Halrac) “It didn’t work exactly like that, lad. It was more of us running for our lives with that Goblin Chieftain on the rampage. Then—well—Riverfarm’s been good to us. There’ve been attacks—a Goblin Lord nearly overran us. We think it was a Goblin Lord, but his Majesty dealt with her right quick.”