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Horror Ranks are a function of the System that governs Innworld. They are similar to Classes, but cannot be refused and have a different set of requirements. Horror Ranks usually seem to be accompanied by a physical transformation of the person's body into a horrifying, monstrous shape.


Horror Ranks have been seen to be gained in response to two main triggers. The first is when the person in question commits an act that they consider to be utterly abhorrent, such as cannibalism.[1] The second is when a person undergoes a torment so terrible that it shatters their mind and their identity.[2] It is also likely that Horror Ranks can be gained in other ways, such as by having one's body transformed into a monstrous shape.[2] Essentially, Horror Ranks mean that when someone considers themself a monster, they become so.

When a condition is triggered, the individual in question will gain a relevant Horror Rank, as well as associated Conditions, Aspects and/or Skills.

Should conditions continue to be met, the individual's Horror Rank will increase in level just as classes do, each level granting new Conditions, Aspects and/or Skills. Notably, Horror Ranks seem to operate on a much smaller range of levels (the highest ever observed was Rank 3), and increase in power much more quickly.

Horror Ranks degrade one's Classes Levels, and can result in the loss of Skills granted by lost levels.[1]

Known Titles and How to Obtain them[]

Rank 1 Horror[]

  • [Corpse Eater]
    • Obtained by eating a person's corpse.
  • [Entombed One]
  • [Screaming Soul]

Rank 2 Horror[]

  • [Carrion Eater]
    • Obtained by eating a person's rotting corpse.
  • [Many in a Jar]
  • [Sealed Secret]

Rank 3 Horror[]

Rank ? Horror[]

  • [Rapist][3]
    • Presumably obtained through comitting sexual assault.