Horror Ranks are a function of the system that governs Innworld. They are similar to Classes but are gained when someone does a deed the system considers terrible.

Background Edit

There are classes which may be gained by doing the most terrible of deeds. They cannot be earned any other way. They are not real classes either, as they are born of despair and filth.[1]

When an Individual commits a terrible deed, they will obtain a Horror Rank with the Title of the action committed, and they will receive and obtain Conditions, Aspects and Skills that fall under the title.

Should the individual keep committing the terrible deeds, their Horror Rank will increase it's level and get a new title, as well as receive and obtain additional Conditions, Aspects and Skills.

Horror Ranks degrades one's Classes Levels and they lose the Skills under said Classes.[2]

Known Titles and How to Obtain them Edit

  • [Corpse Eater]
    • Obtain by eating one's own Race.
  • [Carrion Eater]
    • Obtain possible by eating one's own rotting Race.

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References Edit

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