House Walchaís is a major aristocracy house in Izril controlled by the Walchaís Family. Lady Bethal Walchaís is the current scion of the house.[1]

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House Walchaís are one of the larger houses in Izril. While they’re not one of the Five Families, they came soon after the original noble families did and they can trace their roots back to Terandria.

All of them are known to be mad as loons, as they’re the kind of nobility who love to go on quests, and who train [Knights] and duel people over insults.[1]

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The Knights of the Petal are Lady Bethal's personal order of [Knights]. A bit over 80 of them are currently in her employment.

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Thanks to Lady Bethal, the Walchaís family has a horse breeding industry, with initially five hundred prime horses, that roam wild in twenty thousand acres of land. They kept repopulating until there were so many that her lands became famous for exporting war stallions anyways.[1]

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