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The House of Minos is an island nation located on the Isles of Minos, primarily resided by Minotaurs.


The House of Minos is located in an archipelago[1] and to the east (of Izril)[2], which possibly means that their isles are part of or close to the Archipelago, as there are trading and cultural connections between Drathians and Minos. Otherwise, their archipelago may be a different and distant one.

The House of Minos consists of Minotaurs and is ruled by the Minotaur King. The current [King] is female, but Minotaurs claim that gender doesn't matter there and outsiders would judge their ruler differently were she called [Queen].[1]

Places on the Isles of Minos include The Beriad, Hammerad and Maweil, although nothing specific is known about these places so far: they are part of toponymic surnames.

Minotaurs wishing for the immense honor to leave the House of Minos have to pass severe testing. Calruz, Venaz and Bezale each went through these tests, which apparently involve fighting.[1]


Minotaurs originally had lands elsewhere, and often made wars with other continents.[3] They tried to take over the world a few times (many species have done that over the course of history), but they were repulsed each time.[4] They were exiled to the Isles of Minos after the "Era of Conquest" and condemned to face their ancient foes there.[1]

They are in a state of constant war with the island of Goblins, which Beza compared to the Goblin Lord in strength.[1]The period during which they fight the Goblin Isle is known as the Month of Strife.[5] Magnolia Reinhart expressed fears that these Goblins would destroy the House of Minos within a decade, if they ever laid hands on Earth weaponry.[6]


28 years ago they participated in a war with Terandria and Izril. They also fought against Baleros 15 years back, and had a few engagements at sea and other numerous skirmishes.[7]

Lady Magnolia told Erin in the winter after her arrival that the House of Minos have recently closed their isles, and their ports are barred to any ships but their own. Furthermore, every spy she had planted in their kingdom has gone quiet. She speculates that this is due to the actions of a traveler from Earth.[6]

After the King of Destruction's return, the House of Minos' [King] prepared to send an army capable of defeating him. But as such an act would be considered a declaration of war by many kingdoms, some of her subjects were tasked to approach other assemblies of auspicious gathering, to request formal support. allowing them to sail without hindrance in exchange for a small contribution to their army, as arms or gold would allow them to ready themselves for battle.[7]

As promised, a small armada from the House of Minos led by [General] Ozem ambushed the King of Destruction's army at Medain. While most of their forces were killed in the clash, they were able to force Flos to use his [Army of the King] Skill, allowing several Chandarian nations to declare war on Reim. Overall, they considered the battle a victory.


The House of Minos upholds honor above all else, considering it their duty and way of life. Each Minotaur is encouraged to strive to improve themselves, and contribute in a meaningful way.[8] While their society is centered around war and battle, Minos is a peaceful place, befitting its status as a utopia.

Minos' judicial system is absolute in the sense that they do not revisit sentences; once punished, the matter sits forever. Lawbreakers are given the chance to redeem themselves through death in combat.[9]

Military Strength[]

In terms of major powers, the House of Minos is one of the listed groups, which can overwhelm Flos' weakened kingdom.[10]

The Minotaurs guard their isles jealously and allow only small embassies to visit their port-Capital, so not much is known about the Isles. Warships crewed by Minotaurs regularly patrol their waters, threatening death to any pirates or travelers who do not follow strict rules when sailing through the area.[3]


  • Etrerra-Valar - Main Harbor[11]


  • The Isles of Minos house a small Human population.[2]