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Hunt was a Silver-rank adventurer and a member of the Horns of Hammerad.


He had a beard.[1]


He was an adventurer for life.[1]


Hunt was one of the most senior [Warriors] in the original Horns of Hammerad. Aside from Gerial and Calruz, Ceria knew him for longer than the rest of the [Warriors].[1]


He participated in the raid on the Ruins of Liscor, where he was badly wounded in a battle with Undead. A wight got him from behind with a paralyzing touch.[2]

Thus, he was out of commission, tucked away in a chamber and not at the frontlines when Skinner struck.[3] Hunt still died in the ruins however, his corpse remained in the ruins until found by Erin's and Ryoka's rescue mission.[4] It is unclear whether he was killed by the rampaging Undead or if he died from the previous injury and remained unnoticed by the Undead and Skinner.

Powers and Abilities[]





  • (To the other Horns:) “Those ruins could be deep, though. No telling how far down they go.”
  • (To the other Horns:) “More adventurers? I thought we were the only ones entering. If they’re trying to steal a march on us—”