Ijvani is an Undead Black Skeleton Mage, and Az’kerash's 4th Chosen.


As a black iron skeleton, she has two burning golden flames in the eye sockets, and bones that shone black, with glowing runes carved into the metal.[2]




Powers and Abilities

She has a nigh-indestructible body, and the ability to match any Gold-rank [Mage] in magical combat.[3]




  • Tier 4:
    • [Invisibility]
  • Tier 5:
    • [Blackfire Fireball]
  • Unknown Tier:
    • [Aerial Burst]
    • [Bound Spell – (Spell)]
      • [Blackfire Fireball]
    • [Forcewall]
    • [Grand Fireball]
    • [Lesser Teleport]
    • [Muffle]
    • [Scrying]
    • [Searing Flash]
    • [Suppressed Aura]
    • [Wall of Stone]
    •  ??? - Creates several Illusions of herself
    •  ??? - Red lightning
    •  ??? - Levitates several bolders and throw them


  • Her magic is on par with any Gold-rank adventurer.[2]
  • While she is capable of casting [Invisibility], [Greater Invisibility] is still beyond her.[4]


  • (To Venitra) “Venitra. Are we lost?”
  • (To Venitra) “I told you we were going the wrong way.
  • (To Venitra) “You can try. I am the greatest skeleton to ever walk the earth. So my master designed me.
  • (To Herself) “Temper. Why is she the master’s favorite?
  • (To Zel) “Warriors are such simple creatures. They shoot arrows, swing a sword—what can you do against illusions? Without magic, nothing. You are nothing, Zel Shivertail.”
  • (To Az'kerash) “I’m going to die. Me. Oh no. Master, help, help…!
  • (To herself) “I am superior. Master loves me. I am unique. Master will call for me. He remembers me. I am…
  • (To herself) “My master wants me! He loves me! He needs me! So he said! I am wanted!”

Chapter Appearances

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