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Ilhmet was [Councilor of State] under the previous incarnation of the Quarass.

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Having been spared by the purge of the Quarass' court, Ilhmet oversaw the coronation of the current Quarass, along with Vaitsha Zectiou, Khalid and Flos Reimarch who all pledged to become her guardian.

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He was able to lead the ritual of the Quarass coronation which was apparently a secret of state.

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  • [Councilor of States] Lv. ?

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  • (trying to remember the proper ritual words): “People of Germina. Bear witness! Gather here, in this sacred heart of the city. Gather, and bear witness! The Quarass is dead! So gather, sons and daughters! Gather! I, the son of Ger, call to you! Gather and bear witness!”

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