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Illivere, also known as the Illivere League or Illivere Federation, is a mage-state located in northeastern Chandrar. They are known for their golems.

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Detail Map of northeastern Chandrar, Illivere in the center west of the map extent (Artistic rendition)

Flos' Map of Northeastern Chandrar.

Illivere is a prosperous and powerful nation, on par with other dominant nations in its area, like Nerrhavia, Savere and (formerly) Tiqr.

Their current ruler Crafter-Magus Femithain is a dangerous opponent in the field of politics,[1] thoughtful and not committing to anything easily.[2] The [Artificer] Antielle d’Elin is his designated replacement.[3]


Illivere was either conquered or neutralized during Flos Reimarch's conquest of Chandrar, but after Flos went to 'sleep', it supposedly returned to its former glory.

After Flos' awakening and subsequent declaration of non-aggression, Crafter-Magus Femithain claimed a neutral stance at the Conference of Pomle, not pressing for war. Nevertheless, Femithain agreed to join the alliance of Savere, Nerrhavia and six other nations (among them Deimos, Xern, Lamult and Relaaquil) to invade Tiqr.)

The invasion force sent by Illivere was 8000 [Soldiers] and 400 war golems - the smallest of all nine invading countries, but still a powerful one. Almost 200 golems were disabled in the fights, but replacements were marched to Femithain's position, so that he could start the siege of Oliphant.[4]

Seeing the forces arrayed against her, Tiqr's Queen Nsiia "dismissed" her army away and capitulated towards Illivere. Femithain accepted her capitulation and defended her against the other forces of the coalition army - both Nerrhavia's [Queen] Yisame and Savere's [Queen] Revine wished Nsiia under their own control.[5]

Afterwards, Tiqr's territory was to be distributed between the invading countries.


Illivere's wealth is based on magical commerce and regulation. It's people are almost all craftsmen or scholars, only few laborers, since the workforce of the country consists of Golems. Illivere is one of few nations that manufactures them. The country thus makes its fortunes from its golem-based industry and the high number of artisans.

Illivere is able to export its good cheaply: cut stone and processed ore, but also food, delicacies and wine.[2]


The Illivere League has a powerful, but slow army centered around a core force of war golems. The sizes vary with each creation, but the large steel golems of Femithain's personal guard[4] are 14 feet tall (4.25 m).[2] The golems are slow on the march.[4]

However, most of the golems that were sent against Tiqr, were made out of stone, wood or simply sand. The techniques to create more advanced golems had been lost.

The overall military of Illivere is approximately larger than 20'000 men, and might include more than 1000 golems.[4]


State Cities[]

  • Delicrel[6] / Demarsel / Dellva - Currently the temporary ‘Capital’
  • Elbe
  • Unst
  • Ziozem


  • Aleyss


  • Magus-Crafter Femithain
  • [Armsmaster of Steel] Dellic
  • [Artificer] Azef[4]
  • [Artificer] Antielle d’Elin


  • Illivere has strong connections to Wistram.[3]
  • As non-Humanoid shaped Golems are hard to make, there are currently only 14 Golem Horses working in all of Illivere.[7]