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Illphres was a Human [Cryomancer of Masks] at Wistram Academy, and Ceria Springwalker's former master.


Illphres is a tall, older woman with slightly graying dark hair and an apparently smooth and flawless face, but she actually wears a mask of ice made by her magic to hide her flesh, which has been damaged by frostbite due to Ice Magic. She maintains an expressionless face most of the time but each time she changes expression she covers her face with a hand and when the hand is lowered she has a new expression such as smile, frown, grin, etc. however she can do this without covering her face, she just grew used to doing it this way.

She gives off an aura of cold, both in mannerism and temperature.


Illphres was a temperamental person. She could be blunt in her manner of speaking and didn't hesitate to use magic to back her words. Additionally, she could be unsympathetic to other people's worries. However, she was described to be a dreamer, who yearned to open up the higher floors of Wistram and was obsessed with defeating Cognita's challenge to unlock the rest of Wistram.

She disliked teaching, and thus made Ceria do it.


As a student in Wistram, she was friends with Revine Zecrew. At one point, she yelled to everyone in a fit of fury that she was going to pass Zelkyr's test and become the Archmage of Ice. Years later, she would throw [Ice Spears] at whomever would bring up that memory.


Years ago, when Pisces and Ceria first attended Wistram, Illphres was assigned to be the teacher of their destruction magic class, where they are supposed to be taught combat spells. However, she didn't want to be a teacher, but was forced to take this job by the Council. As a result of that, she sabotaged the class by imposing an impossible task upon the students, which they had to overcome to be allowed being taught by her. Their task was to melt the [Ice Wall] she created, which not even a Tier 3 fire spell could manage to achieve. The wall was not placed before their class, but surrounded them, and when she noticed that no student would succeed in melting the wall she left, leaving her class imprisoned by her wall with no place to escape.

When Ceria left Wistram, Illphres tried to deliver her spell book to Ceria but...

Powers and Abilities[]

She was a specialist in ice magic.


  • [Cryomancer of Masks] Lv. ?[1] (below 60)



Tier 3:[]

  • [Ice Spike]

Tier 4:[]

  • [Ice Lance] - She can cast it in seconds, without even using a wand.
  • [Ice Wall]

Unknown Tier:[]

  • [Fortress of the Ice Queen]
  • [Glacial Spear]
  • [Ice Spear]


  • She was one of the best [Cryomancers] in the academy.
  • She and Amerys fought each other frequently.[2]
  • Illphres, unlike Ceria and many other, didn't have anything against Pisces' desire to create leveling Undead.[3]
  • Amerys had 6 to 8 or so levels more than Illphres, or so she estimated.[4]
  • Her spellbook is currently at the bottom of the ocean, after Charles de Trevalier tossed it rather than give it to Ceria.[3] It is currently in the possession of Gazi.[5]
  • Her name is a pun on the phrase, "I'll freeze"


  • (To her students) “I’m allowed to test you. So I am. I don’t feel like teaching children who can barely cast [Light], so this is my condition. Pass it or fail; it matters little to me.”
  • (To a Dullahan student) “A Tier 3 spell. Not even a good one at that; if you want to clear snow, use that spell. For this, you’d better have something better.”
  • (To Ceria) “Real [Mages] don’t need help. They forge their own paths. If you want someone to hold your hand, find another teacher.”
  • (To Rievan) “Shut up, Rievan. No one’s interested in a lordling with money. He can buy his way in if he wants, but he’s as talented as my left toe. Less.”
  • (To Ceria) “Of course not. You’re an idiot whereas I know what spells are best. Your [Ice Spike] spell is flawed—see there? Correct it.”
  • (To Ceria about Amerys) “Us? Friends? What gave you that idea? I can’t stand her.”
  • (To Ceria) “I’ll take as long as I please. And when it’s over I’ll make you practice twice as hard learning all the spells you need to be halfway competent.”
  • (To Ceria, before fighting Cognita and the Golem Guardians) "There are wonders and horrors in this world, Ceria, remnants from the ages when gods still lived, memories of empires long gone. This is one of them. And today we will challenge the power of one of the true [Archmages] of Wistram."