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Ilvriss Gemscale also known as Wall Lord Ilvriss, is a high ranking general and one of the sworn protectors of the famed Walled Cities, in his case the city of Salazsar.


He has dark red-purple scales,[1] and has topaz coloured eyes.[2] He is also classically handsome in all the Drake ways.[3]


He’s very arrogant, which becomes noticeable when one looks at the way he lifts his chin, and the way he moves. He even looks at everyone around him as if they’re less important.



Volume 2[]

He was first seen in the Blood Fields, fighting with his soldiers against the army of the Trisstral Alliance, led by Zel Shivertail. On the day when he first met Ryoka Griffin, he was distracted by the City Runner and subsequently ambushed by Zel. He sent his aide Periss after Ryoka and was caught unprepared for Periss' demise by an unknown enemy shortly thereafter. Again, this distracted him in his duel against Zel, and he lost the duel and the battle.[4]

He surrendered to Zel who then force-marched north after Ryoka, only to encounter the emerging Goblin Lord. Ilvriss and his remaining soldiers fought on Zel's side in that battle.[5] Afterwards, Zel and Ilvriss traveled to some Drake City where Wall Lords from several Walled Cities were assembled for arbitration.[6]

Volume 3[]


Volume 4[]


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Wall Lord][7] Lv. ? (below 40)[8]


  • [Flurry Strikes]
  • [Productivity Spike]
  • [Reaching Slash]

Ilvriss does not have a [Dangersense] Skill.[9]


  • An amulet that can locate a target in a radius of about ten feet.[10]
  • Several Magical Rings:
    • Ruby Ring that sets his scales aflame with Magical Fire.
    • Large Yellow Topaz Ring that creates a Projectile Shield.
    • Magical Ring that provides him with Strength Enchantments.[11]
    • Turquoise Gem Ring that is enchanted with a Tier 5 [Denial of Observation] spell.[8]
    • Invisibility Ring
    • Violet Dusker's gem ring that protects against physical harm, but not from magic. Activate by twisting it.[12]


  • His surname was revealed in Ch 5.01.
  • When he was Olesm's age, Ilvriss hadn’t even reached Level 20.[13]
  • Zel was a higher leveled warrior than Ilvriss.[11]