Imor Seagrass is a self-styled [Stormlord Captain]. He rules over much of the sea with his vast armies that ensure trade. He is also the 4th[1] of the top five most powerful [Lords] in Innworld.[2]

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  • [Stormlord Captain] Lv. ?

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  • [Pride of the Waves]

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  • He was referred to for the first time in Ch 6.68.

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  • There has been mention of [Storm Sailors] and [Storm Captains]. Whether or not these classes are related to the [Stormlord Captain], is not yet known.
  • Lord Imor's navies are likely competing with: The Iron Vanguard (Baleros), Medain and Savere (Chandrar), Zeres (Izril), Belchaus Meron (Terandria), the Minotaurs (Minos) and the Drathians (Drath).

References Edit

  1. Interlude – Strategists at Sea (Pt. 2)
  2. Chapter 6.68
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