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A page to collect all known inconsistencies, to make it easier for the author, Pirateaba, to later correct them. For additional information, visit here.

Current Known Inconsistencies[]

Volume 1[]

Interlude - King Edition: It's observed that "Evening fell across the world at the same time." however in Chapter 4.45, the chapter opens with "The hour was late. Across the continent of Izril, it was nighttime. Of course, in Baleros it was morning and Kenjiro was awake and negotiating".

Volume 2[]

Chapters 2.00-2.09
Chapters 2.10-2.19
Chapters 2.20-2.29
2.24 T

In Ch 2.24 T Toren observed on the first day of Lyon in his care, that she made the other people in the inn angry: The half-Elf (Ceria), his creator (Pisces), and especially the Gnoll [Shopkeeper] (Krshia). The following Chapter describes the same day, but neither Pisces nor Krshia explicitly visit the inn.

While we can speculate that Pisces did visit the inn, as he always goes there at least once a day to eat, we know for a fact that Krshia did not visit the inn, as she only talked with Erin in the middle of the street in Liscor at the next day, probably hearing the news from another Gnoll first, or smelling it on Erin.

The whole affair goes on for a long time (weeks?), so Toren's observation how Lyonette makes the guests unhappy could be inserted at some other point in his chapter, maybe just another day or so.

Chapters 2.30-2.39
2.36 G. Red Fangs numbers

Rags said in Ch 2.19 G that the "Red Fang Tribe numbered nearly a thousand" and in Ch 2.27 G even that "perhaps many thousands" were marching towards her tribe. In Ch 2.36 G, however, Garen came only with "two hundred", increased by additional "three hundred" Goblins later in that chapter. Thus, his tribe had about 500 Goblins.

Note that later it is implied that there are over 8000 redfangs in the battle against the goblin lord.

Chapters 2.40-2.48

Volume 3[]

Chapters 3.00-3.09
Chapters 3.10-3.19
Chapters 3.20-3.29
Chapters 3.30-Interlude 4
3.35. (Timeline with Ryoka in Invrisil, I)

Ch 3.35 takes place four days after the attack on Magnolia’s mansion, which was in Ch 3.13.

Magnolia’s mansion was attacked the same day/night that Ressa went to get Ryoka in Ch 3.09. On Erin's side, the days afterwards can be counted towards a minimum 9-10 days until she went to help Esthelm... which is again the start of ch. 3.35.

3.38. (Timeline with Ryoka in Invrisil, II)

Similarly in Ch 3.35 Ivolethe went back and forth between Royka and Erin, and later the same day (Ch 3.37) Ryoka (then already in Invrisil) sent a message that started a two-way communication between her and Erin in Ch 3.38.

Synchronizing this is again a problem, since Erin was in Esthelm in ch. 3.35 and then returned to Liscor during the night. Her wagon was arriving back in Liscor just before dawn (the next day), in chapter 3.38; so the two-way message took place one day after 3.35!

3.38. (Erin and the Bees)

In Ch 3.38 , while returning from getting bees with Lyon, Erin nearly screams when she sees them alive and moving in the Jar, because she had only "seen them after they'd suffocated or died of cold". This is wrong because in Ch 2.43 Toren gives her a Jar of living bee with them still moving inside and her only reaction is “Creepy. Okay, next we’re going to look for more mushrooms, okay?”.

Also in Ch 2.44 she sees them alive again when she gave them to Wesle to inspect the Jar and she says “Weird. I know I sealed the jar, but I guess they’ve still got a bit of air left in there. Huh. It’s been like, ten hours since then. I had a long nap.” In the same chapter after the fight with the thugs, she ended up cutting off two legs of one of them, when it tried to crawl out of the Jar.

Volume 4[]

Chapters 4.00-4.09
Chapters 4.10-4.19
4.14 L. (Lyonette's levels and age)

In Ch 3.23 L Lyonette recalled that it had been four years since she’d last leveled up in her ‘chosen’ class, and in Ch 4.14 L she was happy because for the first time since she was seven years old, Lyon was leveling again. This would mean that Lyonette is 11 years old, but in Ch 4.14 L it was stated that she was eighteen years old.

4.18. (Necromancer goons knowing about Ryoka's whereabouts)

How did Venitra and Ijvani know that Ryoka was in Liscor? Az'kerash ordered Venitra in Ch 2.48 to track Ryoka down with the help of one of the Chosen but didn't mention anything about the city. The next scene they appear is in Ch 3.22 L , where it is implied that they are suddenly heading towards Liscor but are lost. In Ch 4.11 they even march to the Goblin Lord and his army, and explicitly ask him where Liscor is located. It was never shown how they came to that knowledge.

One might say that Ijvani, the tracker, figured it somehow out, but it was clearly stated that she was useless in the hunt. She said that she needs a "quarry to locate" her target with magic, which she didn't have (Ch 4.18).

Chapters 4.20-4.29
4.27 H. (Regrika's companion)

In Ch 4.24 Regrika Blackpaw's companion had "pale white scales" and that "Both" were "female adventurers". In Ch 4.27 H it was said, on the other hand, that her team member is "a Drake with dark purple scales, male,"

4.27 H. (Lyonette's Identity)

Chapter 4.27: "So she had to keep the secret. Lyonette had told no one who she was, and no one would ever know a [Princess] worked in the Wandering Inn.

Okay, Pawn knew. And Ryoka. And…yes, Magnolia Reinhart and whomever she’d told".

Chapter 4.07: "Lyonette was a [Princess]. She’d told Erin as much herself".

Chapters 4.30-4.39
4.32 G. (Noears vs. Rags as special not-Hob Goblins)

Pyrite wondered in Ch 4.32 G why Rags hasn't already evolved into a Hob because the system of becoming one is rather simple: "If you were special, you’d turn into a Hob". Rags is special and yet kept being a Goblin. However, when Pyrite thought of Noears, who is also still a normal Goblin despite being special, he didn't think anything to be out of the ordinary.

4.38 B. (Zel setting precedents)

In Ch 4.38 B Ilvriss had stated to Zel that if he goes North, he would be the first Drake [General] to go past Liscor since the last Antinium War. While it is true that Zel is the first one to do so, the statement is incorrect as Zel had already gone past Liscor to help Esthelm in Ch 3.34.

Chapters 4.40-4.49

Volume 5[]

Chapters 5.00-5.09
5.01. (Relc's Sergeant class)

Ksmvr listed in Ch 1.38 all of Relc's Classes and their Levels, which Klbkch gathered in case Relc becomes an enemy to the Hive and has to be eliminated. Relc, however, said to have had the [Sergeant] Class in Ch 5.01, which wasn't mentioned by Ksmvr.


Chapter 5.07: “And I get to watch the play, right? I heard all about how it’s like a performance and a story in one. Selys says it’s amazing—she said you took her to a performance once and she’s dying to see another one. I can’t wait to see one myself"...“Without having seen a play?” — “Yup!”

Chapter 4.40 L: "That door to Celum is great—and the plays! I liked them, I really did, although a bunch of my friends hated the Juliet and Romeo one".

Have Drassi seen plays before or not?

Interlude — Flos. Orthenon whereabouts

In Ch 5.08 Flos, Gazi, Trey and the rest of the people in the room, were watching the battle at Liscor. Among them there was Orthenon as well, as when Flos asked if there was another scrying orb, Gazi had said that they used to have a larger version, which Orthenon confirmed, but stated that they were forced to sell them for food two winters back.

But in Interlude - Flos which takes place exactly right after the connection of Liscor's battle ended, it is stated that 1st they were not in a room but outside around a fire, as they were traveling to Jerios Bazaar, and 2nd that Orthenon was not among them, as he was managing the kingdom.

Chapters 5.10-5.19
5.19 G. (Kerrig's capture)

In Ch 4.39 G Rags captured 2 Rose Knights, and in Ch 5.19 G it was revealed that Kerrig Louis is one of them. This is impossible as right after the 2 Rose Knights were captured, he was next to Bethal reporting their situation, and even left with her. Inserting another name instead of Sir Kerrig's would resolve this error.

Chapters 5.20-5.29
Chapters 5.30-5.39
5.33 B. (Antinium communication)

In Ch 4.49 Klbkch and the Queen of the Free Antinium activated a mirror made out of black glass, that allowed them to see and talk with the Grand Queen in her own Hive. Present with her was Xrn as well. But in Ch 5.33 B not only it is the first time in eleven years that the two Queens have talked with each other, but they did so by using a series of proxies.

  1. Addition: In Volume 1, chapter 1.24 The Free Queen mentions she was talking to the other queens recently, meaning they already have a direct way of communication, which contradicts the later volumes.

3.35 H. (Ceria's adventuring age)

Ceria revealed in Ch 1.40 that she has been adventuring for "fourteen" years, which contradicts her statement in Ch 5.35 H, where she said to Yvlon to have adventured for "nearly a decade".

To avoid misunderstandings: Also, Ceria was in the Horns of Hammerad for two years already; and had "graduated" from Wistram six years ago; having studied there three years long. In 5.35, Ceria could claim she adventured "in Izril" for six years already; or 1.40 is amended. In the current status of 1.40, Ceria might add "eight years in Terandria" plus "six in Izril"; or she might even count all the years since starting adventuring in Terandria, and just include the Wistram years into the 14?

5.38 (Lock on Bird's door)

In 5.36 Erin is considering adding a lock to Bird's door, but is advised against it with the idea that Bird would lose the key. She instead decides to build a door bar for his door. In 5.38, though Erin states that Bird has a lock on his door contradicting this previous decision.

Chapters 5.40-5.49
5.44. (Face-Stealer's appendages)

It was written in Ch 5.15 that Face Collector has "no talons. Just brute fingers." Ch 5.44 says that he has "claws", though.

Chapters 5.50-5.59
Pebblesnatch and Garry-Interlude 5

Volume 6[]

Chapters 6.00-6.09
Chapters 6.10-6.19
Chapters 6.20-6.29

In Wistram Days Pt. 7, the death count of mages caused by Pisces releasing [Archmage] Nehkret's magic was said to be around 60: "There were less than sixty dead in truth. Less than sixty, but over half as many wounded, some critically" and "Only sixty had died" shortly after. However, later in 6.39, Grimalkin puts the death toll at "12 students and faculty and leaving 53 injured"

Chapters 6.40-6.49
Chapters 6.50-6.59
Chapters 6.60-6.68

Volume 7[]

Chapters 7.00-7.11
Dancing and Brawling-The Hangover After
Chapters 7.12-Strategist at Sea (Pt. 2)
Chapters 7.19-The Gecko of Illusions
Chapters 7.28-7.39
Carriages and Conversations-7.45
Chapters 7.46-7.55
Saliss the Adventurer-7.62

Volume 8[]

Chapters 8.00-8.09
Chapters 8.10-Paradigm Shift (Pt. 2)
Chapters 8.16-8.24
Chapters 8.25-Pisces
Chapters 8.32-8.41
Songs and Stories-8.49
Interlude — Songs and Stories. [Captain] of the Four Winds of Teral: Selphid or Garuda?

In Chapter 7.49, it is stated that the [Captain] of the Four Winds was a Selphid. However, Interlude - Songs and Stories contradicts this, stating that the captain was from a Human-Garuda match.

Chapters 8.50-8.59
Chapters 8.60-Satar
Chapters 8.66-

32. (More survivors of the Stone Spears?)[]

In Ch 4.10 regarding the Stone Spears Tribe, Zel said, “More than I could with an army. The rest of the tribe went down fighting. Every last one of them.” But in Ch 2.35, ‘Zel seized a child, and saw his soldiers saving the rest. The adults were dead.’ Does this mean that the Children don’t count in Zel statement of "The rest of the tribe went down fighting. Every last one of them" or as survivor members of the Stone Spears Tribe?

Also, Ressa reported to Lady Magnolia in Interlude - 3 "The [Scouts] and [Assassins] reported a higher number of Gnolls travelling with Zel’s army—they may have been saved."

This could be explained in different ways:

  1. Either, Zel and Ilvriss were ambushed again by more Goblins who killed all the remaining survivors; or the surviving Gnolls threw "themselves upon the Goblins rather than live without their tribe. They are gone, Brunkr.” (per Chapter 2.40)
  2. The [Last Survivor] class is gained upon the perception of being the last one. This later theory gets more fuel from Chapter 7.10 K, where a whole basement of [Last Survivors] is found. Either that village slaughtered eight (small) tribes and only kept one Gnoll child each - or several Gnolls per tribe may count as "Last" ones, probably one per family? --Onyavar (talk) 18:30, March 18, 2020 (UTC)

74. (Wistram vs. Gnolls)[]

Krshia said in Ch 1.35 that the gnolls sent their [Shaman] to Wistram "Nearly twenty years ago", which she changed to "Forty years" in Interlude-Krshia. Grimalkin also repeats the 40 years in Chapter 7.02.

75. (Wars on Rhir)[]

In Ch 1.07 R it was said Rhir "has seen war for two thousand years". This contradicts a passage of Ch 3.35, where it was stated that the Demons emerged "Five thousand years back" and attacked a kingdom. Even before this event, the continent was "always at war". Furthermore, Ch 1.00 C states that the "war between Humans and Demons has been going on for a thousand years or more". From Ch. 6.68 we know that before the demons emerged 5000 years ago, there was the Creler wars starting 6000 years ago (roughly).

  1. So you're saying that not all sources are giving accurate information? What a concept! I'm glad that we don't have anything like that here on Earth!(remark by Ubiquitous Omnipresent Entity, 20 September 2019)
  2. No need to get personal against other editors who added perceived inconsistencies. These claims contradict each other, and while we all know the concept of the "unreliable narrator", this is Ryoka in the role of an "informed narrator" and pirateaba's mouthpiece for world-building. Ryoka+Aba do that a lot in the early chapters, and much of that is still the information about InnWorld that this Wiki relies on. The Clown-chapters have Tom in a similar role: "informed narrator" who is telling stuff directly to the reader, so when they contradict each other, it belongs on this page until it's somehow adressed or resolved. --Onyavar (talk) 20:12, September 21, 2019 (UTC)


In Ch 4.19 the Halfseekers told Griffon Hunt that they did not know for sure over which of the following items they remember they had found, which were a key, a magical orb of some kind, some spell scrolls and a few magical weapons, Garen had betrayed them for, and that he had fled with everything they found.

But in Ch 5.58 not only did they say that all items except for the Key were there (and that they had used them to pay for their deceased members funeral and families), but since the Key was the only item not found, they were sure that Garen had betrayed them for it.


Ch 3.29 G said Redscar is just a "normal-sized Goblin", while in Ch 5.59 it is stated that he is "tall for an ordinary Goblin", and not much shorter than Erin. While in 7.12 G[1] Redscar is noticed by Rags to be "the shortest Hob of them all. Redscar, who had been a normal Goblin like her before the battle at Liscor, had only grown a little bit after his transformation."

78. (Cognita's size)[]

Cognita's height changed. While she was described to be "seven foot tall" in Wistr. Pt.2, in Interlude-Blackmage she was said to be "eight feet tall".

  1. I, personally, have no trouble believing that a highly magical Truestone golem without vital organs, flesh or anything like that, could freely adjust her height, weight, density, etc.
  2. Other explanations besides theoretical innate abilities can be thought of. Maybe she is 7.5 feet tall and this is a rounding error, one up one down. Maybe one of those measurements is true and the other wrong. Until explained or revised, it's just a minor inconsistency. --Onyavar (talk) 07:25, September 20, 2019 (UTC)

79. (knowledge of Hero class)[]

Tom says in Ch 1.00 C that [Hero] is a "class no one had ever heard of ". "No one in living memory has ever gained that class." In Interlude-2 [Blackmage] states though, that "no one’s gotten the [Hero] class in centuries", implying that people have heard of said class. It's just that many years have passed since the last person received it. Ryoka even outright says in Ch 3.35, whilst reading history books: "There were heroes, once. It’s a rare class, but apparently it does exist." So, while villagers in Rhir's backwater wouldn't know of Heroes, the King's people that the American group met before, would have instructed them a bit on the rare knowledge.

Secondly, Fetohep said that he knew how to create the [Hero] class but that it required "too much effort".

80. (Daly's class)[]

It was said in Ch 1.03 D that Daly is an [Axe Fighter], which changed to [Axe Warrior] in Ch 6.04 D.

  1. I think this is a minor issue. Mrsha has three names for her "survivor" class. See also entry #117 (classes). --Onyavar (talk) 20:11, April 8, 2020 (UTC)

81. (Passing of Treland)[]

In Ch 4.04 K there are 2 statements about [King] Treland that contradict what is stated in Ch 6.12 K.

The 1st is that in Ch 4.04 K, it was stated that due to Treland's tyranny rule, his people came to Flos, “…begging for protection, to bring down a king that cared more for his own wealth and that of his friends than his people…” and as such Flos “…went to war for the thousands who died under his rule, not to steal land or wealth.” But in Ch 6.12 K, it is stated that after Flos' mother passed away, Treland had made an incursion into Reim, hoping to take Flos' lands, which in turn forced Flos to retaliate against him.

The 2nd is that in Ch 4.04 K, Siyal said: “He was a [King]! He deserved an honorable death, not an execution on the battlefield!…” But in Ch 6.12 K, it is stated that Treland died in his throne room, due to him accepting Flos' challenge to personal combat there.

83. (One missing Horns Member)[]

Calruz told Ceria in Ch 6.11 to list all members of the Horns that died. (“Gerial. Hunt. Terr. Coblat. Grimsore. Sostrom. Barr.”) Ceria didn't mention Marian, another former member, however, the party's third [Mage]!

84. (Rhir nations/history)[]

It was said in Ch 1.07 R that the Blighted Kingdom is "one of the last nations not consumed" by the monsters and demons. The kingdom should actually be the last, not just one of them. "The kingdoms of Rhir, or kingdom in this case, is always fighting a battle." This line from Ch 3.35 implies that there is just a single kingdom that remains (the demon kingdom excluded) of the once many kingdoms that were located on the continent of Rhir. There has also been nothing indicating for there to be other existing nations that keep fight against the demons.

85. (Knowledge about Weres)[]

When Erin first saw a gnoll in Ch 1.13 she asked if he is a werewolf, to which he replied with: “Do I look like a werewolf?”, thereby implying that he is familiar with werewolves. In Ch 5.35 H when Erin talked about werewolves in a room full of gnolls, drakes, and adventurers, she was asked: “We’ve never heard of these…werewolves. Elaborate, Miss Human. Please.”, showing that werewolves do not exist in the world after all, at least not to the public's knowledge.

86. (Jelaqua's assessment of Erin's level)[]

Jelaqua asked Erin in Ch 3.34 : “What are you planning on doing now that you’re a Level 30 [Innkeeper]?”. In Ch 6.16 Jelaqua asked her team members what they think Erin's level is. When she heard that she is at least 30 she was very surprised, saying: “What? No. You think so?”

87. (Variation in Goblin Ears price)[]

When Ksmvr was curious why Noears' ears are missing in Ch 5.59, the goblin said: “Answer is bounty. Adventurers get paid for Goblin ears. Two copper coins for Goblin ears. Good money, right?” In Ch 3.28 G, on the other hand, he "tapped his ragged earholes" in answer to Rags' question as to why he doesn't fight despite being humiliated in Tremborag's tribe, which made her think, "Adventurers cut off Goblin ears. For that, they were monsters. But she had never heard of Goblins doing it to each other."

89. (Magical Door properties)[]

Since Ch 5.00 it has been shown that the Magical Door has enough mana charge to only let approximately the bodyweight of 2 people through per day, from The Wandering Inn to Pallass, before shutting down.

But in Ch 6.31 the 2 people has changed to 3 people, as it was stated by Erin that ("...Normally we can get three people through..."), and even shown when (Grimalkin stepped delicately through the doorway, and then Erin. She turned and saw Kel glaring at her from Pallass.), only to revert back to 2 people in the following chapter (Ch 6.32).

  1. This can possibly be explained by how well the door is charged, the size of the people passing through (!!) and Erin's slow growth in Magical Ground skills. Compare also the Graph in Magical Door --Onyavar (talk) 20:11, April 8, 2020 (UTC)

90. (Celum Rulership)[]

In Ch 3.30 it was said that Celum does not have elected leaders, and is ruled by a council of [Merchants] and guild leaders. But in Interlude – Numbtongue (Pt.2) it is shown that Celum has a [Mayor] as an elected leader.

In Ch 7.07 the [Mayor], whose name is Cetris Duiland, is shown to even have more authority than Trent, the Head of the Merchant’s Guild.

91. (Amentus appearance)[]

In Ch 1.02, unripe Amentus fruits are described as Yellow, hanging lower on the tree than the ripe ones. In Ch 6.28, unripe Amentus fruits are described as Black, sitting higher on the tree than ripe fruits.

92. (Ant Hive vs. Ant Colony)[]

In Ch 1.23 and Ch 1.28 the Antinium "Hives" are introduced as Antinium "Colonies". Afterward, the term is always "Hive".

93. (Erin's Skills)[]

In Ch 1.16 Erin Obtained the [Tavern Brawling] Skill, and was also called as such in Ch 1.17 and Ch 1.21. But starting from Ch 1.28 the name of the Skill changed into [Bar Fighting].

In Ch 1.45 Erin Obtained the [Immunity: Alcohol] Skill, and was called as such in Ch 5.53 and Ch 6.49. But in Ch 2.01, Ch 5.02 and Ch 6.28 the Skill name changes into [Alcohol Immunity].

94. (Witches arriving in Riverfarm)[]

In Ch 6.36 E Mavika was perched on the roof of a house, and after warning Riverfarm’s folk of anyone scorning a [Witch]’s gift, she leapt down, greeted Wiskeria and then proclaimed to everyone that she was the first. In Ch 6.37 E there are 2 points that contradict from Ch 6.36 E.

  1. When Rie arrived to witness what was going on, Mavika was still up perched on the roof of a house and after telling her why she curse Rehanna, she leapt down and then greeted Wiskeria, and then instead of saying “I am the first.” she said “It is not our coven, Wiskeria. There are six. The seventh is coming.”
  2. Mavika was the sixth, not the First, [Witch] to appear in the Chapter and thus arrive to Riverfarm, as the other 5 had already arrived.

As it stands the new version from Ch 6.37 E can only make sense if Ch 6.36 E had ended right after Mavika had warned Riverfarm’s folk, with maybe having Wiskeria saying her name for as the audience.

95. (Octavia and Xif meeting)[]

In Interlude – Numbtongue (Pt.2) Erin had introduced Octavia and Xif to each other, and they were seen talking, Erin gently ushered Octavia to a seat. The [Alchemist] girl sat, and soon Erin had the old Gnoll who smelled like weird stuff talking to her. Lyonette, Mrsha, and Numbtongue watched.

But as it was stated by Erin in Ch 6.38; "...Hey! Can I introduce you to a friend? Octavia?...” and in Ch 6.39; “Ah, Miss Octavia. Might I have a word? My name is Xif, and Miss Solstice invited me to chat with you. I understand you’ve had some trouble in your shop? I’d be glad to discuss the matter with you for a few minutes.”, it confirms that that was their first-time introduction, which contradicts on what had happened on Interlude – Numbtongue (Pt.2).

96. (Ceria's screaming over exercise)[]

In Ch 6.39 Numbtongue and Octavia reaction to Ceria screaming from her water boiling training is far late as at that point her screams had already started a while ago.

They had to not be in the Inn for them to not have heard her the first time, but they were there at the time, at least we know that Octavia was there.

97. (Magnolia's surname)[]

There is an error in Ch 1.31 where the yet to be named Lyonette, mused that she had to find Magnolia Brynshart, not Magnolia Reinhart. In Ch 2.25 and onward, the Magnolia surname changed to the proper one.

  1. She just forgot the name of a distant relative that she had no interest in before (remark by Ubiquitous Omnipresent Entity, 20 September 2019)
  2. She forgot the correct name of the person she had specifically travelled from Terandria to Izril for? She forgot the name of one of the two most prominent humans in Northern Izril? She forgot the name of one of the Five Families? (Have you ever wanted to use a time machine to meet the first US president, whazzisname, George Baltimore? In the name of Johny Christ, that's not an excuse.)--Onyavar (talk) 07:25, September 20, 2019 (UTC)

98. (Gargoyles and Eater Goats)[]

Shorthilt remembered in Ch 5.36 to have tied eater goats up to attract Gargoyles. Only two chapters later, Numbtongue tells Erin that if an Eater goat is caught it will bite off its own leg. Ch 5.38

99. (Cervial's Team Name)[]

The team of Cervial is never called the same: it's Flawless Flights in 1.12 R; then The Flawless Fight in 1.00 H; then Flawess Flight in 1.01 H; finally Flawless Flight in 6.18 H. (Chapter links conveniently assembled in Cervial.)

100. (World knowledge)[]

Not an error per se, but glaringly incongruous in retrospective: Ceria has to explain basic world history to Gerial in Chapter 1.40: This looks like Gerial has never heard of Chandrar, or Flos. It makes sense at that point in the story, to introduce new readers to the world, but in later books, Flos and Chandrar are common knowledge! Ceria comes across as very patronizing here: "so do you know about the desert continent south or maybe south-east of here? It’s huge, but there are several kingdoms to note. In one of them sleeps a king...".

Another, similar one, is Magnolia asking Ryoka about her origins in Chapter 1.03 R: While her questions are covering Terandria, Minos, the Frozen Archipelago, Wistram, the dwarven realms, the open seas and even "were you raised by the Antinium?" (a very very desperate guess, coming from a person who knows the Antinium!!!) she never asks about Baleros, Chandrar or Rhir, which are all places where humans live. Especially since the Humans from Chandrar often look different from the Northerners.

101. (Geography)[]

Ilvriss departs from Liscor to Pallass after arranging for some horses to await him there. This is in chapter 6.11: Three days later, he was gone. (He stayed in Liscor for those three days, then used the door.) And on the fourth day, Erin Solstice heard a Wall Lord had appeared in his home city.. Which means that Ilvriss and his entire entourage managed to ride from Pallass to Salazsar in a single day.

This is only believable if Salazsar is the very close neighbor city of Pallass, probably within a maximum distance of 200 miles (normal horses+skilled riders make 60 miles a day, skills might triple that distance). According to the positions on this map however, Salazsar and Pallass are far apart. Combined with the information of Fals that the Celum-Landing distance is ~3800 miles (Chapter 2.08), which is the assumption for this map, the distance between the two Walled Cities is more like 2000-3000 miles. Everyone who ever rode from the Atlantic to the Pacific on horseback will testify that this isn't possible in a single day.

On the positive side, only Chapter 2.08 would need to be changed to shrink Izril to fit this map which is the smaller alternative to the early "canon" distances of 8000 miles North-South spread for Izril. --Onyavar (talk) 20:30, June 26, 2020 (UTC)

102. (Number of silver-rank teams going into Liscor's Crypt, Volume 1)[]

(minor one:) In Chapter 1.11 R, there were six captains convening about the Ruins of Liscor. Before the chapter even starts, "Hendric" (Swordlock Dogs) has already dropped out of the talks, leaving only five captains. During the talks, "Gregor" (an "axe-captain") also drops out. When they get to Liscor, they are already five teams again: "Gerald" (Kyrial’s Pride, another "axee-captain") has joined the expedition forces. That's all fine and needs no further explanation. From at least 1.37 they were still five teams, also in 1.41.

But then, in Chapter 1.00 H, Erin inquires about a sixth team, and Gerial+Calruz remark that this was Hendric, who "pulled out at the last moment". That's strange because Hendric never went to Liscor, and dropped out from the roster before any of the teams met Erin.

103. (disputed Election results)[]

In Ch 6.31 it was shown that Raekea district opponent was Alonna Swiftwing, but in Ch 6.49 it was shown by the old Councilmembers, that both of them had won the election by vote. This was not supposed to have been possible as both of them were of the same district.

104. (Appearance of Silent Antinium)[]

It is stated in in Ch 6.49 that the Silent Antinium were present during the First and Second Antinium wars, but as it was stated in S02 – The Antinium Wars (Pt.3) the Silent Antinium appeared for the first time during the Second Antinium war.

105. (Klbkch speculation about Erin being a [Priest])[]

Can probably be removed as it is heavily implied in 8.70e that the centinium (i.e. klbkch) have been around for thousands of years at least on rhir. This means they may have experienced said priests before on Rhir and that their appearance may be not wholly unknown to klbkch. Secondly it is known that the antinium fight the gods and that they are therefore aware of knowledge that other species would not be aware of.

Super old one, and minor one: Klbkch says in 1.07 you need to "a mage or priest to risk" living alone in the Floodplains. The thing is, there are no priests in the world (see e.g. the statements in 2.03 and 5.17). However, Klbkch also states in 3.06 L that he's familiar with the [Priest] class. But even so, he'd probably not speculate about Erin being such a priest in 1.07. Also, further chapters ahead, when Pawn turns into an [Acolyte] Klbkch immediately sees him as danger and tries to kill him due to [Priests] serving Gods and a God being the Antinium's ultimate enemy. Later on, when Pawn changes from [Acolyte] to [Priest], Klbkch recognizes the term "Priest" as an agent of Gods. Which is still strange, considering there are no religions nor priesthoods in the Innworld. They always mention Dead Gods but no one worships them and neither do they seem to know how the Gods died.

106. (Chandrar locations)[]

Chandrar stuff about names and politics:

  • Chapter 6.12K mentions the Kingdom of "Kheltha" (--> Khelt) and the "damned Khelthans". The founding queen was written without the last "h" in 6.54.
  • The Shield Kingdoms were also first called Shelter Kingdoms and Shield Nations (see Shield Kingdoms about the exact chapters) - not nessecarily an error, but could be cleared up.
  • Chapter 6.12 also mentions the Republic of Jecrass (which is a monarchy ever since Chapter 6.14) and the Realm of Belchan (a republic since 6.14).
  • Chapter 6.15K features the royalty of "Xem", and King Victal of "Lamullt" preparing for war against Tiqr.
  • Chapter 6.54K features the [Strategist] of "Xern", and Lady Yucale of "Lamult" being the commanders in the war against Tiqr.
  • Chapter 6.52 refers to "Killale", the same nation is called "Kilalle" in Chapter 6.53 and 6.54.
  • Chapter 4.04 K features the nation "Gemira", led by some Quarass. Only one spelling in the chapter is "Germina". Ever since 4.05, Germina has been the only name used.
  • Chapter 6.14 has Flos saying that Claiven hates him, but the ruler of Medain has no personal grudge against him. Chapter 6.15 states that both hate Flos.

107. (Unseen Empire)[]

Unseen Empire stuff about names:

  • Darksky Riders and Blacksky Riders are used interchangeably. Might be not a problem, but is somewhat confusing. The wiki article has both names, currently.
  • Lancrel is called "Muerfurt" in Chapter 5.30 G. However, according to 6.34 E, Muerfurt is still standing after the goblins are gone.

108. (Laken's size)[]

Laken said in 3.00 E that he is "around 6’1", while changing it in 3.11 E to "barely five eleven".

109. (Liscor's Tactician)[]

Chapter 1.20 about Olesm: “And he is a Level 22 [Tactician]. There are no higher-level Tacticians even within the Liscorian army.”

Klbkch wanted to praise Olesm as the best of Liscor, but was apparently wrong. Chapter 2.33 already mentions that [Strategists] in the Liscorian army are better, and in Chapter 6.59, the [High Strategist] was introduced. Chapter 1.20 could be changed that Olesm is just the best within the city itself.

However, Olesm has also been said to be the only [Tactician] in Liscor several times, this is noted as him being the only Tactician in the council room, the only that is sought for advice and consultations, and even when he talks about other [Tacticians] Olesm always refers to them as being from other cities. In 4.37 O Olesm also calls himself "the city’s lone [Tactician]" and thus having a lot of authority and many matters under his jurisdiction.

  • "There are no higher-level Tacticians (1) even within the Liscorian army (2)". [Tacticians] are not [Strategists]. Olesm may be the highest-leveled of his class, meaning other Tacs of Liscor Army are lower-leveled, and at the same time he can be the only one present in the city, while the rest are fighting abroad.

110. (Fraerling size)[]

Niers is...

  • tall as a cup of water (Volume 5-Glossary)
  • ...six inches tall. [...] Niers was actually quite tall for an individual of his race, but of course that meant very little when the average height of his people was about as tall as a Human’s hand. (Interlude-3)
  • ...sometimes carried about on trays, tablets or similar things. That confirms a rather small stature like six inches.

Fraerlings are...

  • The smallest people in the world; only a foot tall. (6.21 D)
  • "people one foot tall at most" (Interlude – The Titan’s Question)

You could say that the parts mentioning "one foot" only referred to the species in general, not specifically Niers, making it possible for him to be very short for a Fraerling—however, we were told in Interlude-3 that Niers is "actually quite tall for an individual of his race".

111. (Famousness of Esthelm's [Florist])[]

In Interlude - Numtongue, Part 2 Numtongue sings a song where he references the [Florist] from Esthelm by class. But there's no way for him to have known what her class was. In Chapter 7.00, the people of Esthelm honored the [Florist] with her own statue even. In Chapter 3.20 T, she died in anonymity. It is remotely possible she was identified later by some Esthelm natives, and Ylawes brought that story to Liscor, but that makes it weird that he couldn't place the Redfang Warriors as being the same goblins he met in Esthelm.

112. (Toren hoarding corpses)[]

Volume 5 epilogue/interlude shows Toren dragging corpses into his abode, supposedly by the thousands. This seems like it belongs more in Volume 6 where almost a week has already passed. The rest of the Interlude seems to take place almost immediately following the battle. Even assuming Toren managed to carry two bodies per trip (which it doesn't show), it would take a minimum of a thousand trips to reach the numbers described. There are only 1440 minutes in a day, so unless he's managing 1 minute round trips to the surface and back this isn't realistic. Especially given that the only way currently out of the dungeon for him to use is through the path the Goblins broke through to let the spiders out. I could believe it after a week of effort though.

113. (Dullahan abilities)[]

Volume 2 interlude claims that Dullahan can levitate their heads. We've never seen this ability afterwards, the heads can be detached but cannot move on their own. A Chapter of Volume 7 has a Street Runner deliver a Dullahan head around Pallass for him to be mobile.

114. (Albion vs. Avalon)[]

In 2.21 the inscription says "Here is Albion. Here lies the King of Knights. Resting, until the day of most dire need."

This seems incorrect - Albion is another word for Britain. This is likely meant to be Avalon as that is where the King of Knights supposedly went after he fell.

115. (Erin's sleepwalking?)[]

Also 2.21--she woke in her kitchen, but per 2.20 she fell asleep at a table in the main room.

116. (Faerie teleportation)[]

2.21 as well, the faerie flies out of the kitchen, but then Erin is still talking to the farie in the kitchen in the next piece of dialog.

117. (Classes)[]

  • Mrsha is usually a [Last Survivor], but a [Lone Survivor] in Chapter 4.40 and a [Sole Survivor] in Lifting Ants.
  • Shorthilt is a [Weapon Export], but called a [Weapon Master] in Chapters 5.58 and 5.62.
  • Beza the [Spellscribe] is called a [Scrollscribe] once in 6.59
  • Toren learned being a [Sword Dancer] from the [Blade Dancer], Pekona. Those are different classes in 4.08/5.05, but Pekona is also called a [Sword Dancer] in 6.48
  • The mysterious [Nightstalker] in Numbtongue's Interlude is once called a [Nightwalker].

The next ones might also be unintentional mixups

  • Geram is called [Street Brawler] in 4.35, 5.09; he's also a [Bouncer] AND a [Fist Fighter] in 6.37.
  • The classes [Hedge Mage], [Sword Mage], [Wood Cutter] and [Fist Fighter] are just as often spelled [Hedgemage], [Swordmage], [Woodcutter] and [Fistfighter].
  • A [Lighting Mage] would be helpful on a movie set, but not in combat as implied in Ch. 6.68 or as a [Light Mage] in 5.37. --> Lightning?
  • Instead of being called [Laborers], the Gnolls paving the street from Liscor are called [Workers] in 6-64, 6-62-l and 6-65. Meanwhile, Antinium Workers are also called [Workers] once, here.
    • (It is established that other classes have fully intentional duplicate names: Cobbler/Shoemaker, Pyromancer/Fire Mage, Archer/Bowman, Lumberjack/Woodcutter, etc: that's not the point of this entry.)

118. (Liscor's size)[]

Liscor has 84,000 inhabitants in Ch. 1.44 but just over 10,000 in 2.13. (Note: Exact town/city sizes are rarely an issue, except for Invrisil and Pallass (several times estimated to house around a million each), and for Sovvex which has 40,000 inhabitants and Riverfarm which has a wildly fluctuating size due to its troubles, but was (before the big fire) estimated to house some thousands.)

119. (Goblin Lifespan)[]

Goblins are able to walk and fight within a few days after their birth, and they reproduce extremely fast - so fast in fact that a tribe of 60 goblins (including everyone not a baby or visibly pregnant) is able to survive a loss of 15 per week... According to the claims of 2.14 G. Statistically, an average Goblin lifespan might be as short as 4 weeks, if we take that info seriously.

This contradicts many later story elements: Rags' Tribe doesn't multiply nearly that fast; Goblin lifes are not THAT cheap later on, and with Rags being 4 years old she ought to be a great-grandmother already. 4.46 outright states that Goblins are children for about 6 months before being able to fend for themselves. Much more realistic.

120. (Moons and lunar cycle)[]

The Twin Moons are really odd. Chapter 5.38 has the first twin full moon mentioned in the story explicitly. Not too much later, Chapter 6.34 E: six days to the next full twin moons on "day 52". Four days later, in Chapter 6.40 E, the twin moons were still not significant in any way. According to Chapter 6.43 E, which would be 2 days after that twin full moon of 6.34: one moon was waxing, one moon was waning. Even with a lot of irregularity in the moon movement, this is a bit weird, given that the twin full moon of 5.38 lasted many days. In other instances, the moons are described as somewhat synchronous, in again other instances it is mentioned that a blue full moon is a rarity.

121. (Tersk's appearance)[]

According to 4.13 L, Tersk looks like a Soldier but with two arms and equipment. 6.68 has him and Dekass have four arms like normal Soldiers.

122. (Blonde Lyonette)[]

Chapter 2.23 has Lyonette as a blonde-haired girl, as does Chapter 2.31 (twice).

123. (Rose's arrival)[]

In Interlude 2, Rose is saying that she's stranded in a forest and has only seen monsters for days. Later she says she just arrived and is flipping out, claiming she's only there for one day. Granted, her first statement might have been a hyperbole, but could be cleared up to state "hours" maybe?

124. (Chocolate Treats)[]

In Interlude – Chocolate Alchemy Erin had divided all the Chocolate she could use for the Chocolate Treats; like a few gallons chocolate milk, 4 chocolate cakes, chocolate cookies and some extra for a Saliss' bribe. After preparing a bag of chocolate to use for the bribe, she went to Saliss, and when both of them got back to the Inn, Saliss sees "the chocolate cake, cookies, and other treats on display. "

Since the Chocolate Treats were something new that only Erin how to make, she was the only one who could have made them at the time in the Story, but she couldn't have made them as she had gone to see Saliss right after dividing the Chocolate and preparing Saliss' bribe.

125. (Magnolia's Earthworlders)[]

In Chapter 2.37, there were exactly five boys and five girls in the room. That was the result of counting Erin and Seven — no, eight people from Earth, later confirmed again by Joseph. The five boys are: Joseph, Troy, Leon and two guys from Asia and Poland; the girls are Galina, Rose, Imani and one unnamed (presumably) girl. At one point in the chapter, Rose and two other girls argued in favor of searching other Earthworlders, while Imani was asleep.

In Chapter 6.68, the number is repeated again to be eight, which would mean 5 boys and 3 girls.

---> This has recently been resolved by making everything worse, see #140. (Magnolia’s Earthers Number)

126. (Matchsticks before the invention of the match)[]

As Magnolia puts it, hotheads in Izril are ready to "start bonfires over matchsticks", in ch. 2.38. That's before Octavia can invent the matches for Erin.

127. (Lyonette's identity)[]

Not really inconsistent, but odd in a reread so might need some smoothing out: When first taken into the inn, Lyonette conceals her actual name from Erin as a member of the Clavalettes family (ch. 2.25). In Ch. 2.40, she openly introduces herself to Ryoka as a "du Marquin", despite not knowing if Ryoka might know that name from Calanfer.

Even so, Ryoka immediately clues in to the fact that she is a princess. That's odd, since Ryoka doesn't believe in the story-world idea much. Ryoka already backpedals in the same chapter, saying Lyon is maybe not a "princess"-princess, just a person thinking like one from a very important house; but it feels weird how Erin later forgot that bit. Also, nobody else ever clued in so quickly as Ryoka. Granted, most patrons of Erin weren't familiar with highborn, but still a little odd.

128a. (Length of Flos' slumber)[]

Int-KE says "decade-long slumber", which could mean several decades. Then comes:

  • 2.22 K: Orthenon was "staying loyally by Flos’ side these long ten years" and "One decade they had fought together[...]. Another decade he had lain quiet, slumbering".
  • 4.00 K: mentiones 4x "ten years", referring to that same slumber.
  • 3.25 N: Foliana makes a speech in the headquarters of the Forgotten Wing Company, stating that Flos invasion of other continents was 10 years ago. "A decade ago, the King of Destruction launched an invasion from Chandrar. He sent his armies sailing to each continent in the world, conquering, claiming lands and overthrowing kingdoms. He sought to conquer the world."

At some point the canon timeline was changed with Flos slumber lasting not 10 years but 20 years. That was probably around volume 6(?) Anyway, please list above all further occurences of the wrong timeline.

So far, only the most recent K chapters in Volume 7 claim that Flos's Slumber happened 20 years ago.

Additionally, 7.13K also states that Flos has fought for more years than Raelt Leysars has been alive. Since Raelt is over 40, that would make Flos age over 54 years old.

128b. (Reason for Flos's slumber)[]

He said himself that the reason for his slumber was that the conquest had been too easy, and thus he had given up on his dream of domination, seeing it as something meaningless, thus letting his armies fall and his empire crumble.

On Interlude - King Edition, Flos tells Trey and Teres that he let his empire collapse because "my vision was too small, and my goal too achievable".

However, it was later shown that Flos's armies were defeated and repelled, and the most likely trigger for Flos's slumber was depression caused by the death of his lover, Queravia the Gambler of Fates, by the hand of Niers Astoragon. There was even a flashback of Gazi returning wounded from a lost battle, only to find Flos looking at empty space with a lost gaze, already depressed and about to enter his "slumber".

  1. @whoever reported this, please name all the contradicting chapters with their numbers/names. Right now, I feel the first reason was what Flos was comfortable telling the twins earlier (also a boast, or something for public), while the second one is the rather personal, secret reason that was revealed later - so this is not really much of an inconsistency. --Onyavar (talk) 23:06, March 19, 2020 (UTC)

129. (Gnoll archery)[]

In Chapter 2.40, Ryoka thinks that Gnolls use short- and longbows and might find composite or compound bows useful. Right the next Chapter 2.41, Ryoka thinks that Gnolls use short- and composite bows, just don't have compound bows (which she can't make, but honestly, I also think crafting a composite one would be beyond her). Anyway, Chapter 5.33 shows that composite bows are available high-end products available in the appropriate markets, so only ch. 2.40 needs adjustment.

130. (Erin arriving in Celum, volume 2)[]

In Chapter 2.43, Erin reviews her situation as having no money, which contradicts a sentence of just one paragraph before " pouch? Maybe?" In Chapter 2.44, she pays Wesle an entrance fee into Celum, so she clearly had some money.

Also: Erin was abducted in the morning and arrived at Octavia's shop in the same afternoon. Ryoka started her run to Teriarch the next morning and was teleported to Celum the next evening. Unless Erin was mixing like crazy at Octavia's shop for 24 hours non-stop, there is one day time difference between them. Possible other explanations:

  1. Faerie Magic: Ryoka was transported back in time for one day. That's a bit weird.
  2. Long travel to Celum: The hunter who found Erin, showed her the way to Celum, which took some time for her to reach - possibly a whole day, since Toren abandoned her in the wilderness and probably not that close to a major settlement. In that case, a bit of Erin's dialogue needs rewriting, like the "ten hours" since she captured the bees.

131. (Zel adressing the peerage of the Walled Cities)[]

In Chapter 2.48, Zel Shivertail adresses his peers from the Walled Cities... who are described to be there, personally, including both Ilvriss Gemscale and the Serpentine Matriarch of Zeres herself. Where, how and why did they meet personally? The only Walled City that close to the Bloodfields is Pallass, where they wouldn't host Ilvriss. The meeting may have taken place in some lesser Drake city, but Zeres is a few thousand miles away from the Bloodfields: so what did all the Drake nobility do this far north?

It is unlikely that Zel and Ilvriss travelled south to a major/lesser city for that meeting, just so they could travel north together in Volume 3 when they arrive in Liscor. That whole passage would make much more sense if the Drake peerage was having a teleconference over Fissival's scrying network, but from the descriptions in that chapter this doesn't seem to be the case.

132. (Timeline issues)[]

The Chapter Timeline can be used to figure out that Rose arrived in Innworld around day "d7" (Interlude 2, which takes place on "d14"). On day "d23", (Chapter 2.23), Magnolia had already all of "her" Earthworlders in her living room for Valceif to look at. Joseph told Erin when he met her on day "f2" (Chapter 2.37), that his group arrived in Innworld "just last week", which is clearly false, given that there are ~21-28 days between "d23" and "f2", let alone "d14": If they arrived on the same day as Rose (who was already in the world for a week at the time of the group chat), Joseph's group is in Innworld for 37-44 days already.

Erin however claimed in chapter 2.37 that she's in Innworld for 3-4 months. 5 months would be plausible given Thompson Green's (ayan's) statement in Interlude 2 when he says he is there for 78 days. In case that he arrived in Innworld on the "shower of souls" day (Interlude 1), this means that Erin arrived 85 days prior to Interlude 2, and ~118 days before that chapter. (However, this theory only makes sense if six weeks passed between chapter Chapter 1.24 and Chapter 1.25.)

If we assume that there is only an insignificant gap (not more than three days) between chapters 1.24 and 1.25, then Erin would be correct that she's in Innworld for 3-4 months. But Thompson Green (ayan) would have arrived in Innworld about one month before Erin, which contradicts the last word of Interlude 1.

133. (Laken's surname)[]

Chapter 3.00 E has Laken Godart's name as "Laken Goddart" once. Chapter 3.01 E has his name as "Laken Godfray".

134. (Saliss's Eyes)[]

In 7.02, Saliss claims "Not any Skills, but I can see basic facts about you." but in 7.07 the narration tells us he can see her Skills. Is this him lying, or an error?

136. (Existence of Pegasi)[]

The narration text in 4.38 B states about Pegasi that they are all extinct. However, 5.60 shows that one of the Walled Cities, Oteslia, has a Pegasus Regiment, and it is showed by a conversation between Flos and Raelt in 7.08 K that Jecrass has them too. It is also implied that some other countries in Chandrar raise Pegasi (along with other magical breeds of horses) like Jecrass does.

137. (Witches' Reputation and Witches' Hats)[]

When Wiskeria first arrives at Riverfarm in 4.20 E, no one reacts to her being a [Witch] and Laken is told that she is merely a different type of Spellcaster, simply a variation of a [Mage] (although this might have been simply the explanation Wiskeria gave him, but the text implies Laken also asked others about it). Yet when [Witches] start to arrive at Riverfarm from 6.36 E onwards, all the population is scared and suspicious of them, even those that seemed amicable. Then suddenly all characters have stories about Witches, and every town and villages knows about them and distrusts them. And only at that moment do they start to distrust Wiskeria for being a [Witch] when before they hadn't any issue with her Class.

Sostrom, a human mage, wore a pointy hat to hide his baldness and this hat is also called "a mage's hat" in 1.40 by the text. Yet in Volume 5 Interlude - Blackmage the mages at Wistram Academy state that pointy hats are Witches' hats and indeed no one but [Witches] use them.

138. (Crossbows)[]

Yvlon doesn't recognize what kind of weapon it is when Cervial shows one to her in 1.41, yet on 6.18 H when the Silver-rank Captain Stan is first introduced, we learn that not only should she know about crossbows, but be quite familiar with them since one of her acquaintances is famous for using them. Stan's nickname is "Crossbow Stan", he is famous around Cellum and has known both Yvlon and Ceria for years.

Selys claims to not know what crossbows are when Erin mentions them (mistakenly thinking Erin meant two bows crossed), but she works in the Adventurer's Guild, so she should be familiar with Adventurers using it. Plus, both Drake and Human armies use crossbows, so it's not like it was an unheard device, yet only Gnolls were shown to know about crossbows.

139. (Peki's Feathers Color)[]

In Interlude – Chess and Ships Peki's feathers are a bright purple-and-green, but in Interlude – Strategists at Sea (Pt. 1) her feathers now are a predominantly green, but mixed with yellow and red.

140. (Magnolia’s Earthers Number)[]

This one obsoletes the old #125. (Magnolia's Earthworlders) after it has been retconned.

The Number of Magnolia’s Earthers is not the same in 3 other Chapters, which are Ch 2.37, Ch 6.68 and A Night in the Inn.

For the first one, Ch 2.37, one can't even tell the correct number because there number contradict each other. Here are all statements:

  • and Erin finally managed to count how many people were in the room. Six—no, seven. The girl in the chair hadn’t gotten up, but she was still staring in Erin’s direction.
    • Number = 7
  • and with Erin there were four boys and three girls in the room.
    • Number = 7 < 4 Boys + 3 Girls
  • We—the seven of us—appeared in this city in the middle of nowhere. Everyone was screaming, and Rose ended up in a forest!”
    • Number = 8 < 7 in this city + 1, Rose in a forest
  • Not Imani. She was with another group of people in the airport. She ended up somewhere else.”
    • Number = 9 < 7 in this city + 1, Rose in a forest + 1, Imani somewhere else
  • I mean, there are eight of us—nine, including you Erin
    • Number = 8
  • Rose wanted to make contact with other people from their world, along with two of the other girls,
    • Number = +4 Girls < 1, Rose + more then 2 girls + 1, Imani who was sleeping at the moment.

In Ch 6.68 it was stated that there were 8 Earthers. Here the statement that says so;

  • As Troy left, someone else entered the parlor. The eighth member of the group.

And finally in the latest chapter, A Night in the Inn, it was stated 4 times that there are only 7 Earthers!

The final number of Earthers has been consistent ever since they were all named and described: Galina, Rose, Imani, Kevin, Joseph, Troy(del) and Leon. That makes seven. However, none of them is a "guy from China", who was also referenced in 2.37.

141. (Location of the Wandering Inn)[]

The first Wandering Inn was to the east of Liscor (1.20, 7.00) and the Amentus grove even further east (1.02). Although it was also located near the south road (1.36)

The new inn is built on a hill to the west of Liscor (indicated in 4.31, 5.13, 5.38) or on a hill to the east of Liscor (indicated in 3.34, 4.18, 5.54, 6.61, 6.67). The expansion of Liscor is facing the opposite side, so with the expansion built in the west (7.00, 7.23), the Inn has to be in the east.

143. (Perorn sentence)[]

In Interlude – Chess and Ships, Niers showed Perorn and Foliana the spelling and emojis that his ‘mysterious opponent’/Erin, uses in their chats across the Magical Chess & Go Boards, to ask them what the emojis are and if they think the player is a female. This shows that Perorn knows about Niers’ ‘mysterious opponent’, and that they are communicating between each other, and how they are doing so.

But in 7.32 D Perorn says; “Forget about it, Niers. Everyone knows about your ‘mysterious opponent’. I know you two communicate somehow. So, what was it?”, as if she had to figure it out like everyone else that there is a ‘mysterious opponent’, and that she was certain that they are communicating with each other, but not how they were doing so. Perorn sentence would only make sense if the part in Chess and Ships had never happened.

144. (Names in the Blighted Kingdom)[]

  • Lady Zekyria (the most common variation in Chapter 1.04C and 1.05C) is introduced as "Zekryia" in 1.02C. Her first mentions in 1.04 continue this, only then does the "y" move in front of the "r" and keeps being placed there. There is also one instance of "Zekyris".
  • One typo of "Nerershal" (Nereshal) in 1.05C.

145. (Hevlca or Hevcla)[]

In 7.21 KQ a Dame Knight from the Order of the Thirsting Veil name started with Hevlca (x4) and then changed into Hevcla (x7).

146. (Pumpkins and Ilvriss’ Salazsar Ring)[]

In 7.33 I Fissival’s Teleportation Network transferred to Salazsar a shipment of Pumpkins to be send to Oteslia, Pallass, and Zeres, to be used for some big project, which in 7.34 C is revealed to be for growing the Penicillin's Mold into them, from 7.32 D.

The thing is that in 7.33 I, 2 days after the Pumpkins shipment, the Wall Holders of Salazsar begin talking and questioning about the activation of Ilvriss’ Salazsar Ring in Invrisil, which was in 7.31. And as seen and stated by Navine, we know that at least all of Ilvriss’ family and the heads of each Holders of the Wall family were alerted on the same day that Ilvriss’ Ring had activation. So why did it take about 6 Days, for the Holders of the Wall to start talking and questioning who has Ilvriss’ Ring? Why not starting doing so on the same day or a day later when Ilvriss’ Ring had activation?

Note about the Days:

  • Day 1 - Activation of Ilvriss’ Salazsar Ring in 7.31.
  • Day 2 - [Druids] meeting in A Meeting of Druids
  • Day 3 - Erin talk with Geneva, the introducing Penicillin and Grimalkin talking to send a bit to Oteslia for mass-production in 7.32 D.
  • Day 4 - Pumpkins shipment to Salazsar, to be send to Oteslia, Pallass, and Zeres, (7.34 C, which may have happen on the same day, revealed to be for growing the Penicillin's Mold), in 7.33 I
  • Day 5 - Alrric mining exercise, and finding Adamantium Ore and Stone Starers nest, in 7.33 I
  • Day 6 - The Holders of the Wall to start talking and questioning who has activated Ilvriss’ Ring, in 7.33 I
Suggestions to solve this: Either the pumpkins can be replaced with some other shipment; or the investigations of the corrupt Cargomaster are cut from the start of the chapter and moved to a later point in the chapter. Both ideas require quite some restructuring of the chapter, though.

147. (Bitefly's death)[]

Bitefly, on of the Redfang Elite Warriors, dies twice in their final attempt to take down Toren in the Esthelm siege (3.20 T). Meanwhile Leftstep is never mentioned in the chapter, apparently escaping the battle sacrifice. So, one of the two dead Biteflies is actually Leftstep.

148. (Feor's age)[]

Feor: "His hair was grey, turning white; he was old, even for a half-Elf, and he had lived in the world for nearly two centuries." (6.53) Earlier in 2.32 H we learned that Half-Elves age about three times slower than Humans (so Feor is the equivalent to a 65 year old Human man?). Contradiction is given with Interlude - Blackmage, where Feor is called "easily twenty times older" than the nineteen year-old Aaron, which would double his lifespan. So either he is nearly four centuries old in 6.53; or he's just "easily ten times older". However, it is reiterated in Chapter 8.58 PFH that Feor is at most two hundred years old, while also revealing that he secretly dyes his hair white.

149. (Number of Human Archmages)[]

In Gecko of Illusions we are given this line: "Not ‘Human Archmage’, because there were three out of the seven. Six now, and only two Humans if you took into account…current events." Thus 3 (or 2) Humans.

Of the 7 we actually have 4 Humans:

  1. Viltach - The Human Archmage of Terandria,
  2. Verdan Blackwood - Human raised by Dullahans
  3. Amerys (the third Human who is discounted due to her imprisonment by the other Archmages).
  4. Valeterisa - The Human Archmage of Izril

Verdan is considered an Archmage of Dullahans, despite his Human origins.

150. (Kevin's Laptop or Troy's Laptop)[]

  1. In chapter 6.68, we are told that there is only one laptop that is among the group, that it is a Mac, and that it belongs to Troy. It is also mentioned that it is synched to other devices aside from Androids.
  2. In chapter 7.23 LM, it is mentioned that Ryoka took all of the electronics
  3. In 7.25, Ryoka presents everything she has: a laptop, two smartphones, and a tablet. The laptop is described as being Kevin's laptop.

151. (Antinium telepathy/hive mind)[]

  1. In Chapter 1.27, a newly-individual Pawn was able to play chess against Erin at Grandmaster level and explained that this was because she was not just playing against him, but against all the Antinium in the room, thanks to a telepathic "hive mind" ability which he says is "the true nature of the Antinium". However, as highlighted from Chapter 6.29 onwards, the ability for all Workers to share thoughts and think as one is in fact the defining trait of True Antinium — which none of the Antinium bred in Izril, save for Bird, possess. Furthermore, Pawn in 1.27 implies that his ability to tap into the hive mind is impaired by his Individual nature, whereas it is precisely Bird's extreme idiosyncrasies which seemingly make him an exception.

152. (Antinium immortality/Heaven)[]

  1. Also in 1.27, as part of his explanation of the "hive mind", Pawn explains that upon the death of Klbkch and the Worker, "we felt their loss, Erin. We knew their death and intention in the moment of their demise. They are not lost to us. Though their individual memory and body is lost to all but the queen, the Workers remember.” And later: “We are the Antinium. So long as one exists, we never truly die.” He also expresses confusion at Erin's grief about Klbkch's death, seemingly because from the Antinium's perspective he is not gone. While the basic idea is consistent with the way the Rite of Anastasis is later shown to function, it does not appear Antinium other than the Queen are so easily able to tap into the memories of the dead in later chapters. In addition, it is hard to square Pawn's later spiritual quest for an Antinium Heaven with this earnest and contented belief that thanks to the hive mind thingummy, "Antinium never truly die".

153. (Erin's first time fainting)[]

  1. In chapter 7.56 Erin faints, and claims that she's never done that before, ever.
  2. In chapter 2.26, Erin faints after seeing a Selphid for the first time.

154. (Ksmvr not being able to ride horses)[]

  1. In Chapter 3.24 Ceria says that Ksmvr wouldn't be able to ride a horse if they had one, which is confirmed by Ksmvr himself. However, in Chapter 6.19 H Ksmvr states "I am fully capable of riding a horse." and then uses a horse to ride.

155. (Reiss riding an undead spider)[]

  1. In chapter 5.02 Reiss is riding a smaller Shield Spider because "his former mount having been slain by Zel", yet in chapter 5.30G he is riding his old, resurrected mount: "He sat upon a Shield Spider, a massive example of the species. It was dead. Something had ripped its belly apart, and yet the Shield Spider still stood. The magic had reanimated it, given it second life and so it still served as the Goblin Lord’s mount."

156. (Missing Ilvriss' retinue)[]

  1. In chapter 6.11 Ilvriss talks with his retinue about Az'kerash, saying that him, Osthia, Welsca and Vel are the only ones knowing of Az'kersh-as far as he knows, in any rate. But in chapter 8.05 Ilvriss gathers all people knowing about Az'kerash in his secret room, but there's no sign of them. The retinue was not mentioned in 7.33I also, which suggests Pirateaba simply forgot about them, most likely due to their irrelevancy.

157. (Califor knowing about gods) - Possible[]

  1. In chapter 6.47 the witches summon Califor's spirit, and she tells them of the afterlife and its dangers. She says:

Something walks this ground, sisters. Something older than us all. Something hungers. And it has devoured the land of death. It comes for you, the living. And it is strongest here. On these lands. Something—I know it. We all do. But it is nameless. It must be so. He must never return. I have seen the past in him. And yet I fear the future. His name should end and never be spoken. But it will be spoken. So I say it and damn the world for my daughter. Just as Belavierr damned me. And when you hear his name, flee. And take Nanette far, far away. He is our enemy. [Witches] have sworn his death. We were there. We must honor our vows.

It implies she knows about the power gods get from their names, and she names a male name to Wiskeria. But later in Volume 8, the ghosts and Califor don't know about the gods, merely thinking them as powerful beings. Neither does Califor mention any such being to Erin.

157. (Tom's Knife proficiency)[]

  1. In 1.01C Tom gains the Skill Weapon Proficiency: Knives as part of a [hero] class level up, but in 1.02C he says he gave up on the class, that he is no longer a [hero] yet in both 1.02C and 1.03C he still has [Weapon Proficiency: Knives] that he gained from his [hero] level up although he supposedly lost it sometimes between 1.01C and 1.02C, every other level loss that we've seen included the loss of Skills from the class but he still has them.

158. (Viltach's opinion on barriers and combat abilities)[]

  1. In 7.29B Viltach appears dismissive of Mages needing to know how to fight, thinks just having a barrier is enough:

Naili grinned. She’d been one of the first people to test Saif’s skills and he hadn’t ever managed to hit her. The Archmage had seen actual combat.

“The question is whether these ‘battles’ would mimic reality in any meaningful way. [Mages] don’t need to dodge. Our [Barrier] spells would block bullets.”

Archmage Viltach snorted impatiently. Naili rolled her eyes as Feor made room for Blackmage.

But in 8.12T he seems to have much more reasonable view, rooted in his war experierience and trauma:

“I was a [Mage] here. Graduated by nineteen. And because I had no more money, I went to Terandria and became a [Mercenary]. There was a war going on, and I convinced some other [Mages] my age to join a squad. We thought we would end the war by ourselves.”

“What happened?” It was a story Trey knew. Viltach told it anyways. “…During our first battle, I cast a barrier spell. A good one. [Lightfold Barrier]. Do you know it? It’s an upgrade on [Light Barrier]…and [Lightfold Armor]. I was never a good duelist, but because an artisan needs to protect themselves, I was rather good at that spell. My friends had barrier spells too, and they teased me. We were throwing spells at the enemy line when we ran afoul of an [Archer] battalion.” He trailed off. Trey had seen it before. Parasol Stroll used their enchanted parasols for that reason; to defend against all the things that came at a [Mage] on the battlefield. The Archmage’s face was distant. Sad.(...) “Silly of us. We had barrier spells. We could cast [Fireball], [Lightning Bolt]. We thought we were invincible. And we were. The first arrows didn’t even touch our skin. The second? The first dozen? But what about two hundred? What about Skills?” (...)

“I had the best barriers. I watched as my friends, two decades of study and magic in the greatest academy in the world—died to conscripted [Militia Archers] in the thousands. That’s when I realized I wasn’t invincible.”

159. Relc: Class downgrade[]

In Interlude – Senior Guardsman Relc, Relc's class changes from "Senior Guardsman" into "Guardsman of Trust". This is presented as a specialization or upgrade; however, it does not mention the fact that it's lost the "Senior" prefix in the process. As a normal [Guardsman] could also theoretically evolve into a class such as [Guardsman of Trust], it would make more sense for his class to be a specialization of Senior Guardsman, rather than a specialization of a lesser class. That is, his class should be [Senior Guardsman of Trust] instead of just [Guardsman of Trust].

160. Cognita traveling to Illivere[]

In 8.40 Cognita decides to travel, musing about almost never leaving the academy and refusing invitations to Illivere and Izril.

“They tell stories of me in Illivere, Adventurer Dawil?” Lying on his back, the Dwarf blinked up at her. “…I think they’re fans, Miss Cognita. You have ‘em around the world.” “Interesting. I did not know that. Thank you for telling me.”


They told stories of her in Illivere? Come to think of it, hadn’t she gotten letters asking her to visit this country, visit one of the Five Families? She had always refused; her custodianship of Wistram took her seldom out of the academy, and only at great need.

However, in Interlude - Experiments in Golems Femithain reminisces how he'd met Cognita in Illivere, and wishes to meet her again at Wistram, if time allows. Cognita should also be aware of how popular she is in Illivere if she had been to Illivere.

“I had the honor of meeting Cognita of Wistram, once. She was unlike any Golem I have ever met, before or since. I wish I had the time to travel to Wistram to meet her there as well. Once the states vote another Magus-Crafter, I intend to.”

“You met this Golem outside of Wistram?”

Nsiia was startled. Femithain nodded.

“Once. She visited Illivere. It is rare, but Cognita is able to go where she pleases. She still has…had…a master whose will she carries out. But she herself can adapt as you or I could. Perhaps she is more intelligent than either of us. She is what Crafters aspire to create. But—no one in Illivere can even craft Sentient-class Golems.”

162. Dalimont hates Cara?[]

In Chapter 7.21 KQ, one of the Thronebearers, Ser Dalimont did not mention of knowing Cara while also finding her concert to be disruptive. This is a direct contradiction to what we find out later in Volume 8 (Interlude - Perspective and Past) which reveals that Dalimont knew Cara before she became the Singer of Terandria and considered her a friend, while also fighting with her along with Seraphel du Marquin.

163. No Panama Canal?[]

In Chapter 6.06 D, Daly is looking at a map of Baleros and notes that it does not have an equivalent of a Panama Canal. However, Chapter 8.77 B reveals the existence of Whitewash Channel, which runs all the way across Baleros.

List of Corrected Inconsistencies[]

1. Relc says in Ch 1.31 that he is the highest leveled [Guardsman] (Lv.12). Klbkch also said that Relc has more levels in that class (Ch 1.17) but in Ch 2.33 Klbkch stated to have 13 levels in that class. That said, it happened much later, so he might have leveled up in that time, meaning that it might not be a mistake after all. On the other hand, Klb said also in Ch.1.17 that he has "high levels in the [Guardsman] class", which doesn't fit if he had less than 12 levels.

  • Correction: Relc doesn't say his level number in 1.31 anymore. Also, Klbkch had even lost most of his levels before chapter 2.27, so it's good that chapter 1.31 was amended.

2. Calruz's reaction when he first met Ryoka was odd or rather lack thereof (Ch 1.02R/Ch 1.04R). Ryoka's Japanese appearance resembles that of the natives of the Drath Archipelago, as stated by Venitra in Ch 2.29, who are often at war with the people of the Isle of Minos. (Ch 2.38). Given that Calruz comes from Minos as well one might expect that he would show her some animosity.

  • Correction: In Volume 6 it was established that Drathians and minotaurs occasionally clash, but also trade with each other. Ryoka should have awakened Calruz' curiosity, but maybe he didn't want to ask. The "ancient enemy" the Minotaurs are sworn against, are actually Goblin( Lord)s, as revealed in Volume 7. --Onyavar (talk) 16:50, February 19, 2020 (UTC)

3. In Ch 1.41 when Erin showed Ceria a Jar of Acid and told her that it came from the acid flies, Ceria acted as if it was the fist time that she heard about it. But this is Wrong as in Ch 1.36 Erin had warned the Horns of Hammerad about the green acid jars in the kitchen, and in Ch 1.37 Ceria told Gerial that the Jar the Goblins had, was Acid that came from the acid flies she had seen in the kitchen.

  • Correction: Ceria still has a strong reaction to the jar of acid, but she apparently remembers now.

4. In Ch. 1.37 it was revealed that Gerial has [Dangersense], but in Ch. 1.02 H when half of the Horns of Hammerad clutched at their heads because their [Dangersense] was set off, he did not. Shouldn't he be clutching his head as well, instead of drawing his sword and looking around? It is as if he does not have [Dangersense].

  • Correction: In Ch. 1.37 the [Dangersense] was changed to belong to Ceria.

5. In Ch 2.43 "Ryoka met a Drake who called himself Olesm on the way to the city. He claimed to know Erin…", this is wrong, not only Ryoka meets him for the First time in Ch 2.03, but they also talked to each other in Ch 2.20.

  • Correction: In Ch 2.43 Ryoka met a Drake who called himself Olesm on the way to the city. He claimed to know Erin changed into Ryoka met the Drake who called himself Olesm on the way to the city. He was looking for Erin.

6. In Ch 3.07 H when Pisces send the skeletons to retrieve anything from the fire, they took ‘Scattered objects. Burnt things, barely recognizable. A small sack, the one from the mage’s desk, strangely unburnt. Yet in Ch 3.08 H the bag was not down in the pit with them, but up in the room under the ash.

  • Correction: In Ch 3.07 H A small sack, the one from the mage’s desk, strangely unburnt. was changed into A cracked sword, blackened by soot. A buckler almost cut in half.

7. In Ch 3.08 H, 3.09, 3.10 and 3.15, it was stated that the City the Horns of Hammerad were staying at was Remendia. But in Ch 3.24, 3.25 and 3.35, it was stated that the City was Ocre not Remendia.

  • Correction: The City the Horns of Hammerad were staying at has been corrected to be Ocre.

8. In Ch 3.24, it looked like it was the first time that Ceria saw pizza. But she had stayed at the Wandering Inn, when Erin began serving it. She already saw and knew what it was, as stated in the following Ch 2.31 and 2.32 H.

  • Correction: In Ch 3.24 Ceria now recognize the pizza as food she had eaten before.

9. Ch 2.39 shows that Selys doesn't know anything about Magnolia. That contradicts a scene in Ch 1.41. In it, Selys is also shown to be unfamiliar with the name of Magnolia Reinahrt. That ignorance is, then, being resolved by Ceria.

  • Correction: In Ch 2.39 it is changed into Selys knowing a bit about Magnolia, and mentioning that Ceria had told her how important she is.

10. [Loran Grimnar] shows his confusion regarding [strider_479]'s appearance in the 2nd chatroom meeting in Interlude-3, as she was one of the individuals that had revealed their names in Interlude-2, therefore expected her to be compromised. What makes this confusing is that he, too, revealed his name (Ridley Wallis).

  • Correction: In Interlude-2 it has been changed so that [Loran Grimnar] never revealed his name, and that [50fiftyCents] is Ridley Wallis.

11. In Ch 2.13 a girl that is clearly Lyon, even if she wasn't mentioned by name, was described with having " bright blonde hair". However, in Ch 2.25 Lyon, this time by name, was said to have had "fair red" hair.

  • Correction: In Ch 2.13 the bright blonde hair changed into bright red hair.

12. Ch 1.28 says [Invisibility] is a 3rd Tier spell. Starting from Ch 1.39, though, it was changed to a Tier 4 one. Also, Pisces tells us in Ch 1.22 that he is not capable of casting anything above the 3rd, which would be a contradiction if he were to cast a Tier 4 spell.

  • Correction: In Ch 1.28 the [Invisibility] Spell is now a 4th Tier, and in Ch 1.22 Pisces now says that he can cast only a few Spells beyond the 3rd Tier.

13. Peslas told Erin in Ch 2.09 that the "highest-level innkeeper on this continent" is "nearing Level 40 in the Human city up north.”, yet the Halfseekers talked in Ch 6.16 about a "great [Innkeeper] up north" who is "over Level 40".

  • Correction: Peslas' Innkeeper is now nearing level 50 in Ch. 2.09.

14. Selys says in Ch 2.09 that before Flos's invasion crossing the gigantic ocean with an army was "unheard of." Roughly 20 years ago, the Antinium did exactly that, though. More importantly, they didn't just move their armies to another continent but their whole race, at least what remained of them. (The Antinium War Pt.1)

  • Correction: In Ch 2.09 it was added that the "unheard of" is due to actually managed to get an army across in one piece.

15. In Ch 1.40, Ceria explains that learning a Tier 4 spell would take her "a year or so." In contrast to Ch 2.20: "Tier 4 – it’s possible, but I’d need a spellbook and weeks—maybe months to learn the spell at my level."

  • Correction: In Ch 1.40 the "...a year or so." was changed to "...a few months..."

16. According to Ch 1.07 R, the continent of Rhir "has seen war for two hundred years ", while in Ch.1.00 C it is written that the "war between Humans and Demons has been going on for a thousand years or more".

  • Correction: In Ch 1.07 R the two hundred years changed into two thousand years.

17. Erin was excited in Ch 2.11 that she gets a basement. In Ch 3.30, however, she asked herself if she could "build a basement in the inn."

  • (Actually, it hasn't been fixed but some readers think that it isn't an inconsistency, to begin with, and simply the result of Erin's forgetfulness)

18. In Ch 2.11 Erin gets a well, but whenever Lyon needs to get water she never uses it, and instead, she goes to the stream.

  • Correction: The well part was removed, as such she never had one.

19. According to Ch 2.06, the Walled Cities have "two hundred-foot-high walls.” Unlike The Antinium Wars (Pt.1), which says that they have "three-hundred foot walls."

  • Correction: In Ch 2.06 the two hundred-foot-high walls was changed into three hundred-foot-high walls.

20. In Ch 1.06 R Ceria says that Pisces was expelled from Wistram because of what he wanted to do with Necromancy. In Wistram Days (Pt. 7) Pisces was kicked out for stealing the [Archmage]'s bones and unleashing the [Archmage]'s spell of retribution on the academy.

  • Correction: In Ch 1.06 R Ceria now says that Pisces was expelled not only for what he wanted to do with necromancy, but also for what he did with it (which as seen in Wistram Days (Pt. 7) it was for reanimating the Isolationists teachers and the rest mentioned above).

21. In Ch 1.04 R it was said that the 1st Antinium War was a "decade-long". S02 – The Antinium Wars (Pt.2) shows, however, that it only lasted a bit over a year.

  • Correction: In Ch 1.04 R decade-long changed into year-long.

22. In Ch 2.17 when Ryoka remembered everything that Teriarch had mind-altering, we see 2 Inconsistencies. The First is right after she saw his true form, from the Scrying Orb reflection. There he told her: “That’s it. Forget everything except the part where I gave you your instructions. Get out.” and Ryoka turned around and walked out of the cavern. But in Ch 1.09 he had teleported her to Celum. The Second is in last memory, when she walked towards the entrance of Teriarch’s cave, saw the creature and Teriarch saving her. But in Ch 2.12, there where the Frost Faeries with her and Teriarch had to shout and breath a stream of fire to scare them off, leaving no chance for her to see the creature.

  • 1st Correction: A Come back in two minutes.” was added after Get out.
  • 2nd Correction: The part in Ch 2.12 takes place right after Teriarch had saved her from the creature.

23. Magnolia said in Ch 1.03 R that the Isles of Minos are located in the east. In Interlude: King Edition it was written, though, that it's in the south.

  • Correction: To the east, the Minos stir and [..] (This means, however, that Minos is both to the east of Izril and to the east of Chandrar, while Chandrar is to the South-Southeast of Izril)

24. Ryoka noticed in Ch 3.35 that no book in Magnolia's vast library contains any information regarding the gods. Strangely enough, one of the history books she casuallybought in Ch 1.07 R said that they "fell in war tens of thousands of years ago", showing that some information about gods is common knowledge.

  • Correction: In Ch 3.35 it is now stated that there is no mention of them in over ten thousand years of history.

25. In Ch 3.42, Relc and several others didn't just discuss Erin's origins but also how she came to the Floodplains all by herself, considering the dangers that lurk in that area. During their very first meeting in Ch 1.07, Erin actually told Relc that she got there by what she believed to be a teleportation spell, which Relc immediately accepted as an explanation. Furthermore, Erin also told him where she comes from, Michigan. While he should not be expected to know where it is, as it is on a whole other world, but still mention it during the discussion, as it is important info.

  • Correction: In Ch 3.42 Relc now does mention to the others that Erin believed to have been teleportation in Liscor, although he did state that he thought she was mistaken. He also told them that Erin did tell him were she comes from, but he does not recall what the name was.

26. Relc acted in Ch 1.07 as though as Erin getting to the Floodplains via teleportation spell is such a common occurrence. In Wistram Pt. 5, for instance, it was implied that casting such a spell would require the capabilities of an archmage (not the class). Additionally, Octvia said in Ch 2.47: "But how—I don’t know anyone who can just cast a [Teleportation] spell out of nowhere.", confirming that such a thing can't be done by the average mage. While Relc is no mage by himself, he had killed dozens of mages when he was still a soldier and should know what they are capable of and whatnot.

  • Correction: Relc no longer acts as if teleportation spell is a common occurrence, and asks Erin if the teleportation was a misfire or if someone target her.

27. When Flos disguised himself and the twins with the help of one of Mars' illusion items in Ch 4.01 K, he mentioned that Mars will likely not be able to see through it. This confused Trey as Mars is called the Illusionist. When having heard Trey's question, he answered with saying that she doesn't possess the title because "she knows any magic on her own", but by owning many "trinkets" that are enchanted with magic of that field. Trey's confusion is odd, though. In Ch 2.22 K, he already asked Mars directly regarding the meaning of her nickname. She told him explicitly that she is "no [Mage]" and "can’t do any magic, actually". She then said basically what Flos told Trey: "... I have several magical items. That’s what the name refers to."

  • Correction:

28. According to Interlude – King Edition, the "Emperor of the Sands leads his armies from the east", while in Ch 4.00 K was it said that he is located to the west and hasn't even reached the east due to the Zeikhal desert separating them.

  • Correction: In Interlude – King Edition the leads his armies from the east changed into leads his armies across the deserts even now!.

29. It was said in Ch 1.40 that Ceria had to leave Wistram at the same time Pisces did because she "ran out of funds". In Wistram Days (Pt. 7) we discovered that she left on her own, as she thought the Wistram mages to be "all cowards. Fearful, small people, living in the shadow of the Golems."

  • Correction:

30. In Ch 1.40 Cerisa says that Pisces is not "technically a graduate” of Wistram and that he was "expelled". Actually, Pisces is technically a graduate. While it is true that he was expelled, Cognita graduated him and Ceria herself, as being Archmage Zelkyr's greatest creation she holds "his authority, which supersedes all others". (Wistram Days (Pt. 7)).

  • Correction: Cerisa now says that even though Pisces was expelled, he still is technically a graduate, but that some mages wouldn’t consider him one.

31. In the first chapters, the description of the Antinium differs strongly from later descriptions:

A. In Ch. 1.07, Relc says to Klbkch that "no one else is willing to be your partner aside from other bugs." We know, however, that Klbkch is the only Antinium guardsman.

  • Correction:

B. In Ch. 1.08, in the barracks are "a few Antinium like Klbkch." We know, however, that Klbkch is the only Antinium guardsman.

  • Correction:

C. In Ch. 1.19, during the first chess match between Erin and Olesm, she sees "even one of Klbkch’s kind, the Antinium" in the crowd. From later descriptions of non-individual workers, workers do not have free time to watch a game and also don't show such kind of curiosity.

  • Correction: This hole statement is wrong, because even Non-Individual Antinium do show curiosity if it interest them. And it is partly thanks to that small interest that some of them can become Individuals.

32. In Ch 1.23 Relc said to Erin, "...You’ll see a lot more wildlife around here in a month or so. This is the quietest time of the year, actually. Once the rains start you’ll see a ton of weird creatures, and then when they stop all the animals that travel come here to graze. And in the winter it gets really dangerous.” But Erin had stayed there for more than 3 months now, and they never did show up, and winter in the Floodplains is not that dangerous either.

  • Correction:

33. In Ch 4.15 L Ryoka casts [Flash], but she refers to it as [Flashbang] instead. [Flashbang] is the casting of [Flash] and [Bang] at the same time, meaning that a flashbang without the bang would be only [Flash].

  • Correction: As Ryoka is the inventor of the [Flashbang] Spell, she can alter it to only casting the [Flash] or [Bang] as she pleas.

34. At the end of Ch 1.24 it was stated that one Goblin (Rags) and Several Antinium achieved [Strategist Level 1!],but in later chapters it changed to [Tactician] instead.

  • Correction: [Strategist Level 1!] changed into [Tactician Level 1!].

35. Rags is quite surprised when Ceria told her in Ch 2.14 G to have remembered the Goblin King, thinking that "No Goblin she’d ever met remembered the Goblin King", which is odd, to say the least. The Goblin war happened only roughly 10 years ago. Rags herself is already 7, and still regarded as young amongst her kind. Every adult Goblin should have lived during the time of the Goblin King.

  • Correction:

36. In Interlude - 3 Venaz gender is Female. But in Ch 4.25 N Venaz gender now is Male.

37. It was shown in Ch 2.23 that Liscor's Queen "had thought of creating" "another Queen" but couldn't do it because it was outlawed by the Grand Queen and the pact made with Liscor. That doesn't fit, considering that she said in Ch 4.24 regarding the creation of queens that she "had no idea where she could begin". How could she be tempted to do it if she doesn't even have the necessary knowledge.

  • Correction:

38. Ksmvr said in Ch 4.27 H that he "was Level 9" when the Horns first met him and now is a Level 16 [Warrior]. In Ch 2.02, however, Gazi saw that he already was "A Level 16 [Warrior] Antinium."

  • Correction: In Ch 4.27 H I was Level 9 changed into was Level 12.

39. In Ch 4.28 when Az’kerash fixed Ryoka broken finger, she recalled that [Necromancers] couldn’t change around people’s bones unless they had direct physical contact. But in Ch 1.06 R Pisces did not touch Ryoka either, he just pointed and stared hard at Ryoka’s leg, to move her bones back into place. He Never Touched Her. Another point is in Ch 5.35 H were Pisces himself stated that he requires physical, skin-to-skin contact to manipulate a living person’s bone up close—and even then, only when they do not resist.

  • Correction: In Ch 1.06 R it has been changed into Pisces reaching down and putting a hand on Ryoka’s leg.

40. In Ch 1.00 C Cynthia name was changed to Sarah. This is seen when Tom had accidentally made Cynthia cry, and then later when he was talking with Richard, he said "...I uh, I made Sarah cry when the music started playing...." and she was referred as Sarah for the rest of the Chapter.

  • Correction: All Sarah references were changed back into Cynthia.

41. (Galuc's profession)

In Ch 3.06 L the Antinium whose appearance the Workers are based on was called "Galuc, the Digger". However, in Ch 4.07 and Ch 4.13 L, his name was changed to "Galuc, the Builder".

  • Correction: Changed to Galuc the builder

42. In Ch 4.37 O when Pisces thinks of all the secrets he could confess to Ceria that he hasn't told her, he thinks 'I know Erin and Ryoka are from a different world....' But this is not a secret, as he had already told her in Ch 2.23 that Erin and Ryoka are from another world.

  • Correction:

43. (Tremborag's relations to Velan)

Tremborag said in Ch 3.26 G: "I fought with the Goblin King ten years ago. When he called, I answered and I rode with his armies!" This scene contradicts the whole story from Ch 4.39 G forward until his death in Volume 5. In 4.39, he said: "The witch, she refused the Goblin King as I did. " That he refused the Goblin King later became an important plot point.

  • Correction: In Chapter 3.26 G the quote by Tremborag was changed to "I met with the Goblin King ten years ago. When he came to Izril, he came to my tribe with his armies!"

44. In Ch 2.35 the Goblin Lord was said to be "actually just a bit taller than your average Goblin, definitely smaller than the Hobs." In Ch 4.46 he was said to be "the size of the average Human", though.

  • Correction: In Ch 2.35 average Goblin changed into average Human.

45. In Ch 2.30 Kerash is described as an undead Gnoll skeleton in armor, but in Ch 4.49 he is described as a Draugr Gnoll dressed in armor with a body that was dead. They contradict each other, as in the formal he was an Undead Skeleton Gnoll, and in the letter he is an Undead Draugr Gnoll.

  • Correction: In Ch 2.30 skeleton has been removed and is now described as a tall corpse of a Gnoll.

46. In Ch 1.22 when Erin told Pisces that she plays chess, he said "...I was considered one of the better players among my fellows when I was a student..." and " one of the best players in Wistram. I have outplayed [Tacticians] and other mages of similar caliber and skill..." Pisces left the academy 4 years ago. This implies chess was already known in the academy several years before the game was released to the world. How could they have played it?

  • Correction: The "...better players among my fellows when I was a student..." changed into "...better players in the northern cities..." and " one of the best players in Wistram..." changed into " one of the best players in on the continent!..."

47. Venitra was said to have "green eyes" in Ch 2.29, which changed to "yellow eyes" in Ch 4.27 H.

  • Correction: In Ch 4.27 H yellow eyes changed into green eyes.

48. In Ch 2.47 Garia ate for the first time fries made by Erin. (“This is delicious! And what’s this stuff did the barmaid say fries? Oh! They’re a potato! Your friend is amazing, Ryoka!”) However, when Garia ate fries again in Ch 6.18 H she was surprised as she discovered that they came from Erin. (“No way. I thought that one of the [Innkeepers] here had invented it. They never said it was from Erin! What about Miss Agnes? Her inn was partnered with Erin’s, wasn’t it?")

  • Correction: In Ch 6.18 H it was added that Erin copied it...(etc), between ...invented it and They never said it... .

49. It was written in Ch 1.40 : A trap? A colony of wurms? Some—some kind of undead army? Or—Gerial’s blood ran cold at the thought—had they dug up the burial site of one of the Old Things? Adventurers seem to be aware of ancient creatures, which they only know as "Old Things", that might lurk in dungeons, yet it was never mentioned again during later dungeon-crawling scenes. It makes the impression that pirateaba has forgotten having written it.

  • Correction: The "Old Things" are brought up again by Xrn in 7.56: "They exist across this world. Things of good intention and ill. Changed by time. The other species call them ‘Old Things.’ I think your dungeon may have something like that."

50. (Agnes' husband) Mister Cumin (3.15 and 3.16, probably intended as his surname) is called Jerom (in 2.47), Ronald (in 3.03) and Cecil (in 3.16) with his first name(s).

  • Correction: In 9.20, Agnes' husband was revealed to be a retired [Spy] who has taken multiple names his most recent being Jerom.

Questionable Ones, False Positives, and Possible Answers?[]

1. In Ch 2.45 when Ryoka (who is a far better runner than Erin) ran from the Wandering Inn to Teriarch's cave, it took her at least a day of non-stop running (even with the Frost Faeries help) and she had bloody feet at the end. In Ch 3.30 it is confirmed more or less, that the dragon that Erin saw was Teriarch. So the Question is, how did Erin end up running from his cave in the High Passes to the abandoned inn, southeast of Liscor?

  1. It is possible that Teriarch's Cave has a second entrance that cuts through the mountain range, between the High Passes and the Floodplains, that cut short the time. As such Erin could have exit's from this second entrance.
  2. Another possibility is that one of the protective wards in Teriarch's Cave had activated and teleported Erin to the Floodplains. This could be true because in Ch 2.12 Teriarch recalls that His home was warded with more spells against intrusion than he could remember. So it is possible that when Erin was teleported in his cave, bypassing the ones that prevented teleportation, as she runs from his fire breath, she accidentally activated one of the other wards that deal with intruders (like the door in Ch 3.02 H). (If this is true, then in my option she was extremely lucky to end with this one because the others could have killed her on the spot.)
  3. Just a note: This question has been discussed very often; but there is no sufficient answer yet. --Onyavar (talk) 16:50, February 19, 2020 (UTC)
  4. Teriarch has multiple caves, he mentions in 7.25 that Erin had appeared near Liscor and states there is an emergency cave to teleport to. So it seems reasonable that Teriarch has a cave significantly closer to Liscor.

2. In Ch 2.09 Selys says that Flos is the first to have succeeded in making an army cross the ocean "in one piece." This is rather odd. In Ch 3.35, Magnolia mentioned that "almost every species has" "tried to take over the world". To do so, they must have also accomplished such a feat. Moreover, the Five Families, too, must have done it, otherwise, they couldn't have conquered the northern half of Izril (Ch 4.09). Furthermore, during the 2nd Antinium war "an army of two hundred thousand Terandrians landed on the northern shores of Izril ", showing once again that Flos' accomplishment is hardly anything special.(S02 – The Antinium Wars (Pt.4).

3. Wiskeria said in Ch 4.21 E that both her party and the other Silver-rank group that Laken had hired would be "...capable of fighting off any lone raiding party aimed at a village...". In Ch 1.23 Klb said that "a small raiding party is usually comprised of at least three hundred Goblins", while larger groups "have been known to exceed a thousand individuals." Due to the huge danger they pose, Liscor would "sent out the entire Watch" (Ch 1.21), making it odd for 2 Silver groups to be sufficient enough for such a feat. If Beniar had been the one saying that, one could have explained it with him boasting but this wouldn't fit for Wiskeria.

4. When Ylawes noticed Toren to be no ordinary Undead he said:“Nothing about this makes sense. A skeleton that can think? No—the Necromancer? But why would he use such an inferior creation?”(Ch 3.18 T) He considered too casually for Az'kerash to be Toren's creator. Regis said in Ch 4.26 M: "The rest of the continent may sleep at ease believing him gone, but you and I know he’s a threat.” Ylawes should think Az'kerash to be dead, yet nothing in his sentence indicated that. It would be understandable if he were to think that he didn't die after all based on this discovery, as perhaps no other Necromancer, as far as he knows, would be capable of creating a thinking Undead. However, this should be made noticeable in his line, in my opinion.

  1. Gerial had stated in Ch 1.06 R, that if no one finds the body of a mage, chances are they’re still around. Since the Byres family are devoted to championing justice and are raised to hate necromancy since they were children (Ch 4.27 H), and Az'kerash body was never found, Ylawes may suspect that he is still alive.

5. Ressa said in Interlude-3 to Magnolia that "at the moment we will be able to call upon two thousand individuals with combat-classes above Level 20. Over six hundred of that number possess levels above 30. Six Named Adventurers and eight Gold-rank teams are available" and "one unicorn." Strangely enough, none appeared during the battle against the Goblins at the end of Volume 4. One could possibly say that she had no time to call them because the Goblins surprised them with their attack on the city but Magnolia already gathered her army beforehand to present them to Zel.

  1. This could be due to the Circle of Thorns, as they had compromised Magnolia's informants and spies, resulting in Magnolia not knowing who of the combat-classes individuals and Adventurers she could truest anymore. As such she couldn't call upon them as anyone of them could use the battle against the Goblins to sabotage or try to assassinate her.

6. Garen said in Ch 2.36 G that Velan was looking for the key that Garen found, of which two exists, but never reached it. In Ch 5.19 Garen said though, that Velan was in the possession of both keys and was even the one that hid something away with them.

  1. It could be that the first memory Garen saw wasn't that clear, leading to him making an incorrect conclusion but only saw it later clearer.

7. Rags said in Ch 3.26 G that the [Chieftain] class is "unique to their race." Mrsha revealed in Ch 5.42 though, that Urksh, the leader of her former tribe, "had been a good [Chieftain]". He shouldn't have had the class, as it is apparently a Goblin-only class.

8. Erin was excited in Ch 2.11 that she gets a basement. In Ch 3.30, however, she asked herself if she could "build a basement in the inn."

  1. It could be the result of Erin's forgetfulness.

9. In Ch 6.65 when the Crelers of the Blood Field attacked everyone in the expedition, Erin [Dangersense] went off. The 2 strange things about this is that;

1st only Erin's [Dangersense] went off, while the others in the Inn didn't sense anything with their [Dangersense]. Why was Erin's the only one to go off?

2nd is that Erin's [Dangersense] was late by 10 minutes. Why did it take that long to be set off?

  1. To answer both 1st and 2nd it could be that Erin’s [Dangersense] wasn't responding because of the Crelers, but because of Toren. It seems more likely that it went off due to Toren, who was going to find and kill her at the time, as seen in Ch 6.62 L. So it could be that Erin’s [Dangersense] went off at that time only when he entered it's range.
  2. It could be because of Az’kerash (and Ijvani) meddling. We know that Az’kerash wanted to get Pisces because he sees himself in him, so when the Wistram Mages started the duel with the Horns of Hammerad or when the Crelers attacked, he may have done something in the area so that no one can alert anyone with a [Message] Spell, like intercepting the messages and sending false ones, like in Ch 6.66 H when Montressa said “The Mage’s Guild—there’s no one at the inn! I’m trying, but no one’s near the inn.” When he judged the timing to act was right he stopped doing so. When finally the news of what was going on reach Liscor which is within Erin’s [Dangersense] range, it went off.

/My 2 explanations for this, --Onyavar (talk) 09:47, February 11, 2020 (UTC)

  1. Number 2 first, also explaining Number 1: Erin's Dangersense only went off when the commotion/the Crelers were already at her door, and she can sense danger for her Inn as well.
  2. Some skills get stronger with higher levels; Erin got her Dangersense with level 10, meaning she has 29 levels of Dangersense getting stronger/more perceptible.

10. (Pisces's Explanation about Magic) In 1.34 Pisces talks about how non-humans also have magical capabilities, but not all Species do. However, there are mistakes in his explanation:

A) He states that Minotaurs have barely any potential for magic, with only some achieving 2nd Tier magics. Yet there are Wistram graduates who are Minotaurs, something that Pisces should have known. There's also the fact that Beza claimed in a conversation with Monstressa that she joined Wistram Academy because she wasn't talented enough to join the Minos's army's version of a Mage Regiment (though this might be a military secret)

  • Not a contradiction: Minotaurs have problems to become regular [Mages], and Beza being a [Spellscribe] clearly demonstrates that. Pisces is describing statistical occurences here, and exceptions are clearly possible. --Onyavar (talk) 22:59, April 19, 2020 (UTC)

B) Pisces states that he had never heard of any Goblin whose abilities matched that of a proper mage. Yet that is fake, and he should know that as he knows the history of the Antinium Wars and the might of the Goblin Lord Shaman, Tallis the Stormbreaker, who was Velan's second in command. Tallis was powerful enough to slay one of the Archmages of Wistram and defeat Xrn the Small Queen.

  • Not a contradiction: Pisces was sneering at Goblins only being able to do tribal magic. Regular Goblin [Mages] is something he hadn't heard of. I'm certain that his contempt for tribal/shaman magic is wrong, but he is an academic person who also looks down on [Hedgemages], [Warlocks] and [Sorcerors]. --Onyavar (talk) 22:59, April 19, 2020 (UTC)

11. (Mental ward enchantment, Bloodfeast Amnesia) In Ch 7.25, the Bloodfeast Raiders use amnesia spells on Ryoka. No mention is made of the mental wards she purchased to defend against mental attacks. While it is reasonable for the bloodfeast raiders to have spells that can overcome such items, no mention is made at all of it.

@Whoever reported this, please also mention in which chapter it was said that Ryoka purchased "mental wards". Artifacts as powerful as those that Valceif had, are not possible for her to obtain anyway, and only those should have made a significant impact here. For that reason, I moved this report to the "questionable" section. --Onyavar (talk) 16:02, June 1, 2020 (UTC)

12. (Garia can't read) In Ch 1.04 R Garia tells Ryoka “It must be nice, being able to read.” but later information makes this a dubious statement because her mother is a Wistram mage and their family has a lot of books. The only way she would be unable to read is if Garia made every effort to be illiterate.

13. (Vexcla's race) In 8.22 HE she is described as "Beneath the hat and shadows from which dozens of eyes blinked, Vexcla revealed a pointed smile.

Erin looked at them. This was the height of witchcraft, perhaps the inevitable result of pursuing their magic. They weren’t Gazer or…or whomever Somillune had been. They were more like ideas."

And in 8.32 she is described as "Vexcla, the [Witch] of Eyes, the Gazer"

20. (Erin meeting Griffon Hunt)[]

Ulrien said to Erin in Ch 3.33 that they hadn't "formally met". That seems odd as the group apparently already had introduced themselves in Ch 2.26, albeit offscreen, given that Erin was shown to know their names. And, of course, Halrac already visited for much of volume 2.

  1. More than likely, someone else went "Hey, you see those people? They're Gold Rank Adventurers, here are their names so you won't make a fool of yourself." Or maybe she got their names when the guards were investigating the attack (remark by Ubiquitous Omnipresent Entity, 20 September 2019)
  2. That is what is sometimes called "head canon", not an in-story explanation. Still, it's a plausible explanation. --Onyavar (talk) 20:12, September 21, 2019 (UTC)
  3. Apparently, Ulrien didn't count their first, hasty meeting formal enough.

14. (Timeline on Laken's trip to Invrisil) In Ch 3.14 it was shown that Laken left Riverfarm in Day 46, which is supposedly the day after the attack on Magnolia’s mansion. But in Ch 3.36 it is shown that he arrived in Invrisil in Day 49, which is Four Days after the Attack. If Laken really left the day after the attack, than it contradicts the Four Days that was stated in Ch 3.35.

First, nowhere it was stated that Laken's Day 45 was the same day as attack on Magnolia. Second, according to 3.35, it "had been over a week since the attack on Magnolia’s mansion".

This could be explained with a note that Day 45 in Laken's diary was the appropriate time "some days earlier". --Onyavar (talk) 18:30, March 18, 2020 (UTC)

On a related note, Laken's trip to Invrisil was surprisingly short, given that he traveled per cart from a snowed-in village to the nearest capital city. It was later established how far Invrisil was so that Laken doesn't live directly in Magnolia's sphere of influence. Travel times of two or even four days with carts speak against that. (Also, were there no other towns or villages closer to Riverfarm? There was no reason given why they didn't try elsewhere). --Onyavar (talk) 19:45, June 26, 2020 (UTC)

On another related note, the start of Winter in Liscor happened about 30 days earlier than in Riverfarm: Only 19 days are between Laken's departure for Invrisil and Riverfarm's start of winter. Meanwhile in Liscor, the entire Volume 2 happened (Ryoka's round trip to Az'kerash lasted 3-4 weeks (see Chapter Timeline)), and there were several days before and after Ryoka's trip to the south; again see Chapter Timeline. --Onyavar (talk) 19:45, June 26, 2020 (UTC)

15. (Wistram Golems) In Wistram Days pt. 6, it is revealed that the colossal golem isn't one of the original golems. However, in part 7, they say instead that the *metal* one is the golem what wasn't one of the originals. “The missing Golem. The one replaced by the metal one.”

  • This is the same golem. The metal colossus.

16. (Cause of Moth Attack) In Ch 5.05 it was said that Toren "happily crunched one of the bulbous eggs underfoot, then, another, and another." As that chapter goes, Vuliel Drae are observers, who even stop Toren and then flee and hide.

However, in Ch 5.14 a member of Vuliel Drae said: "How were we supposed to know it’d piss all them off? It was that masked woman who did it first. And we thought—”, thus admitting to destroying so many eggs that the moths started their attack on Liscor. That was for which VD was severely punished later on, only mitigated by the fact that they couldn't have known the consequences.

Given that just eight destroyed moth eggs is not something that would cause such as massive response as that moth attack, it would make sense to rewrite some sentences in ch. 5.05 to Vuliel Drae reluctantly helping Toren destroying a whole cave of unprotected eggs before realizing that something is coming.

  • "Given that just eight destroyed moth eggs is not something that would cause such as massive response as that moth attack". Why is that?

17. (Fleet Foot Skill) It was said in Ch 5.19 G that "One of Rags’ newest and best Skills was [Fleet Foot]...", which is odd as she already had this Skill in Ch 3.31 G. It might have been better to only write that it is one of her best Skills and remove the "newest" part.

  1. "New" and "newest" are not the same. "New" means recent, whereas "newest" means the closest to being current. (remark by Ubiquitous Omnipresent Entity, 20 September 2019)
  2. Both views can be taken: While there was quite some time and levelling between these two chapters, we know of no "newer" tribe skill of Rags at that time. "Newest" still implies that she acquired it recently. --Onyavar (talk) 20:12, September 21, 2019 (UTC)
  3. She haven't leveled up in that chapter since the events of 3.31. The [Fleet Feet] Skill was the newest one back then.

18. (Half-Elven hair) "Half-Elves didn’t have red hair". That's what Ceria thought in Wistram Pt. 6. This contradicts a scene in Ch 4.45, in which Falene was described to have "light red hair".

  1. First, Ceria doesn't know everything, Learning that a student didn't know that half-elves could have red hair is similar to someone on Earth not knowing that humans could have six functional fingers to a hand, it's remarkably common. Second, have you ever heard of hair dye or Illusion Magic? (remark by Ubiquitous Omnipresent Entity, 20 September 2019)
  2. Good point, especially with all the magical blue-haired people running around, but still an oddity. --Onyavar (talk) 20:12, September 21, 2019 (UTC)
  3. 'Half-Elves didn’t have naturally red hair".