Interlude - 1 is the thirteenth chapter of Volume 1.

Synopsis Edit

While Erin sleeps, all over the world more people from Earth appear. Erin (supposedly the first one) is no longer alone in the foreign world.

  • A group of summoners in the presence of their nobility summons a large group of people into their midst and hoorray them as the "Great Heroes of Prophecy" (hook for the storyline on the continent of Rhir, starting later in Chapter 1.00 C, book 2).
  • An old man, ready to defend his home at night, finds two adolescents at his doorstep who stare at his sword in disbelief.
  • A young woman appears right in the middle of a battle between adventurers and a demon.
  • Two twins appear right in front of a king in his throneroom and are captured by his guards (hook for the storyline on the continent of Chandrar, starting later in Interlude: King Edition, book 1).
  • A girl is moved from her cell when she appears in the strange world, right in front of the counter of an Adventurer's Guild.

Characters Edit

  • Erin Solstice
  • Summoned Ones (First Appearance)
  • Children (First Appearance)
  • An old man (First Appearance)
  • A Young Woman (First Appearance)
  • Two Twins (First Appearance)
  • A King (First Appearance)
  • Inmate Girl (First Appearance)

Locations Edit

  • The Inn
  • Various Locations throughout the World.
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